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Webinar Software helps businesses to host and share collaborative live and documented official or educational video demonstrations to current or probable clients. Webinars can be referred to as virtual communications between a host and the audience. The viewers can differ in size from a small employee trainings to a large-scale event. On the other hand, the host and their source remain singular. Best Webinar Software help in users in hosting online events for trainings, sales presentations, executive conferences, and product introductions. Users can engage with a larger number of target audiences with best quality video and audio. Best Webinar Software can also help users in creating presentations that align perfectly with company’s brand plans and offer other customizations. This helps in increasing audience engagement and also makes a webinar more remarkable. While webinar software is similar to the video and audio conferencing software, the main difference is the focus on connecting a audience to one host.

Best Webinar Software in 2020

  1. Zoho Meeting
  2. Adobe Connect
  3. ON24
  4. GoToWebinar
  5. Zoom Video Webinar
  6. BlueJeans Events
  7. BigMarker
  8. Cisco Webex Events
  9. Livestorm
  10. RingCentral Meetings

 Zoho Meeting - Zoho Meeting Webinar Software is the simplest and most reasonable online webinar solution that improves business collaboration by allowing users to share their screens/applications, audio, and also video conferencing. It provides individuals as well as organizations, with an instant and simple way to host and conduct protected and cost-effective online meetings. Users can host product launches, provide demonstrations, conduct sales presentations and education webinars, and also online meetings, right from the browser….Read more

Adobe Connect – It is the safest, most scalable and feature-loaded webinar solution in the best webinar software market. It helps the most controlled industries in running mission critical operations online with the help of its Multi-layered Security method. Users can design their own immersive experiences with customized pods, images and layouts to customize and brand their virtual meeting rooms….Read more

ON24 - ON24 Webinar Software helps businesses in engaging with their audiences by providing them with interactive, data-rich webinars that enable people associate on a more human level and make informed business decisions. By implementing the ON24 Engagement Platform, marketers will be able to create Live, On Demand and Tailored Engagements, gain actionable insights and integrate the same across their entire operations….Read more

GoToWebinar – GoToWebinar Webinar Software enables users in managing and scheduling events and provides them with webinar templates. Businesses can promote their webinars with the software’s custom webinar invites, registration page, and automated email alerts. Users can record and reuse their events to rope in more audience. GoToWebinar’s popular CRM integrations also help in transferring the attendee data….Read more

Zoom Video Webinar – With Zoom, Webinar Software users can customize and brand their emails and registration forms. The software offers flexible registrations and several integration options for the user’s CRM systems. It enables businesses to expand their impact with on-demand or repetitive webinars with recording and auto-generated transcripts….Read more

BlueJeans Events - BlueJeans Webinar Software Events combines the collective features of a meetings platform with the scalability of a broadcast. It help businesses in transforming their corporate culture by providing them with a self-service streaming webinar software. It allows participants to enter intrusion-free events without any requirements for downloads from any device or any room system….Read more

BigMarker - Businesses and educational institutions make use of BigMarker Webinar Software to be able to host live, on-demand, and automated webinars. The software also helps users in conducting online presentations, trainings and events, making expressive conversations with leads, customers, and other participants. BigMarker also offers integration options, APIs, and white label services that help businesses to integrate prevailing interactive video experiences into their marketing, sales, and learning stacks. BigMarker is based out of Chicago, and it supports online events for a number of companies and organizations around the globe…Read more

Cisco Webex Meetings - It allows users to create greatly engaging online events and reach more participants, across the country and around the globe. Users can communicate effortlessly and affordably with internal and external audiences. Users can also depend on on highly protected and scalable online events from the global Cisco Webex platform….Read more

Livestorm - Livestorm Webinar Software is a webinar solution that helps businesses in conducting customer training sessions, product demos, online courses and communication conferences. The company not only provides a global webinar experience but also a comprehensive toolkit with personalized registration pages, branding competences, widgets, integrations, analytics and more. Livestorm webinar software runs efficiently in any type of browser be it desktop or mobile….Read more

RingCentral Meetings - It is a Cloud Video Conferencing solution that unites HD video conferencing, mobility, with web meetings together as a free cloud service. The software provides users with the ability to host video conferences and web share, as a part of their complete business communications solution. Users can also have direct meetings in high definition quality and share their desktop or documents with the participants irrespective of the time and location….Read more

Why Use Webinar Software?

Best Webinar software helps users in going live at a conference one location while the user is physically at a different location. It helps in communicating with the whole team, or a whole company, at once irrespective of their multiple locations.

Video communication has progressed a lot from its initial situations. It’s now an essential, routinely-used tool for the purpose of professional or personal communication. But further than the regular web conferencing use cases, best webinar software generally enables a host to lead the content led and in some cases it makes a moderator available to audiences whenever in a large numbers. Below are the areas where best webinar software is being used effectively:


Best Webinar Software helps in bringing responsiveness to a business, enterprise, or even an idea. The entire point of webinar software is distribution of information. This information itself can range from extremely valued to casual yet stimulating. Organizations have made use the best webinar software to present their employees or speakers in front of huge spectators in order to build preliminary interest in a particular product or a service.


Webinars have always proven to be a vital teaching solution. Numerous people choose to learn visually. Webinar Software allows hosts to walk spectators through a clarification or an idea bit by bit. Hosts can share demonstrations or videos inside the webinar software in order to provide audiences with an understanding to what they’re speaking about. Visuals are appealing and often leave viewers with ideas to recollect or think about later.


Though webinars have mostly been used to show presentations to big audiences, they’re not permanently accessible to the public. Best Webinar Software can also be used in a big enterprise to conduct important official meetings or organization-wide declarations. They can also be kept and archived for later use, offering valued resources for employees to self-help. webinar software offer storage functionalities that are useful in many webinar use cases. They enable the presentation to be an ongoing resource for awareness, education, or interior communication.

Drive Demand

Possibly one of the main business benefits to webinars is the chance to drive customer interest. By presenting concepts or products in an ardent, amusing format, businesses, non-profits, and other monetarily reliant on organizations can get face to face with possible buyers. This face time is important, as customers very often feel more associated to a company whose thoughts they understand or settle with. Best Webinar Software can help important speakers and customers in being on the same page and grow a joint understanding that could possibly lead to a loyal customer relationship.

Audience Engagement

Webinars generally excite people and knowing more about a presentation or an online session adds more importance to the subject matter. It makes spectators feel as though they’re joining in something significant, thrilling, or interesting. Due to this, webinar spectators are more probable to be engaged. Hosts can also take benefit of this with other meeting driving strategies such as surveys and live spectator communication. This is guaranteed to increase viewer interest, as well as deliver more stand-out moments and vivid takeaways for spectators. Surveys and votes make spectators feel more involved and can help ideas sink in further.

Establish Identifications

Conducting a webinar on a topic one is well-informed in can assist in establishing them as a thought leader in a certain space. Webinars help persons or businesses to ascribe their face or brand to a certain topic or space, strengthening their knowledge in a shareable video later.

Which different types of webinars make use of Webinar Software?

A webinar is normally defined as a live online-based session and video conference that uses the internet and a software application to provide present interaction between the host or the presenter and the spectators, which are often located in different locations.

Best Webinar Software users will be able to shift between camera built video and their desktop screens for demos and/or slideshows. There are ample number of webinar software currently accessible, and they all come equipped with different features and capabilities. Many of the webinar solutions in the market enable users to set-up their platform according to the kind of webinar they are trying to conduct. The different types of best webinar software have been explained below:

Workshop Webinar

A workshop-type webinar naturally makes use of the capability to share computer screens with the spectators and co-hosts or panellists, which is what most of the webinar software usually offer. Hosts will be able to offer their spectators with a detailed guide on whatsoever it is they’re trying to work on with the webinar members. That screen share feature also allows hosts to provide their spectators with the ability to follow their guidelines in a clear and straightforward fashion.

Educational Webinar

An educational type webinar software fundamentally resembles a lecture session. This type of webinar software is actually the most common kind of webinar software, due to the fact that it is much more appropriate to arrange and host. This type of a webinar software has been created to educate or share information to the audience concerning a particular subject, for instance. A webinar software offers the most appropriate tools and functionalities to allow hosts to exhibit their knowledge and other information that they wish to share with their viewers. It also offers features that allow hosts to correctly display their proficiency and actually influence their audience in to buying their products and/or services.

Conference Webinar

Best Webinar Software solutions are not only suitable for web-based sessions and presentations, but the features and functionalities provided by most of the webinar solutions also enable users to conduct meetings and conferences online without any interruption. A few of the webinar software help businesses to conduct meetings within the organization via video conference calls and other suitable tools. With the help of meeting-style webinars, persons who are not directly joining in the meeting can simply sit in and watch.

Audience-driven Webinar

Webinars for audiences, or Q&A type presentations, boost interaction and companionship among the host and his or her spectators. Best Webinar Software that provision audience-driven functionality offer tools and capabilities that deliver the unique capability for viewers to ask queries and hosts to answer them. This type of webinar software is comparatively simple and upfront when it comes to content, demanding only a small presentation for the addressees. Most of the software solutions in the market provide the tools and competences that help companies and businesspersons to establish this type of webinar and it is helpful to both sides, the host as well as the audience.

Panellist Discussion

A panellist discussion webinar software is a web-based seminar solution that is prevalent amongst groups, business teams, and professional teams. Contrasting with the audience-driven webinars, panellist discussion is usually driven by a mediator with all the panellists simply presenting their thoughts and proficiency on a particular topic. Also, very similar to the audience driven webinars, panellist discussions are backed by most of the webinar solutions. A lot of the webinar management tools and applications essential for arranging a panellist discussion webinar are precisely similar to those of audience-driven seminars.

Who Uses Webinar Software?

Webinars are an outstanding tool to distribute information while also communicating with an audience. This can be valuable in any amount of circumstances to a plethora of various people. There are some occupations that have included webinar software into their standard collection of technology tools. There are webinar solutions that cater precisely to these use cases and as an outcome offer features outside of the norm. These specialists can include:

Marketing and Sales Reps

For those in marketing or sales areas, webinars can prove to be an appropriate, customizable solution that helps in pitching the brand or product to the customers. With all the features that a webinar software offers, reps can leverage webinars to change their pitch and cater to the exact group they’re speaking to. This helps in making their presentation more engaging and more pertinent to their audience, associating to more lead generation and brand awareness. webinar software that caters specifically to the needs of marketing and sales reps often provide branding options and integration with external digital asset management software to pull exclusive assets.


Webinars have become essential of the online learning environment. Educators making use of learning management system (LMS) can post live webinars in order to simulate a physical classroom or they can even post previously recorded webinars so students can learn on their own time. Webinar software envisioned precisely for educational purposes are often built straight into an LMS, integrating with additional quiz and note-taking features in the platform. However, there are separate educational webinar tools available that are proficient of integrating with other outside LMS if necessary.

What are the most important features of a Webinar Software?

High-Quality Audio & Video

Audio and video quality is of the highest importance to web conferencing software. Users expect to feel like they are having a realistic direct conversation with other members, and the quality of a video is a main component of that. Any pause in video conferencing as well as blurred images and distorted audio totally hamper the user experience. Apart from the quality of the webcam or the microphone, the software itself can offer tools that help in improving the overall quality of the user experience. These features may include noise cancellation, auto-mute for listening participants, and settings modifications for users with lower bandwidths.


Webinar softwareolutions allow hosts to add official branding to their webinars. This helps them in attaching their company to the ideas or concepts or products being presented.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Ease of use is necessary for online meetings to run without a glitch. Webinar participants need to be able to effortlessly and swiftly join meetings irrespective if they’re at work office or on the go. Apart from this, the hosts should find it easy to set up and manage meetings. A user friendly interface is an essential since it simplifies collaboration amongst participants and ensures that they are involved.

Meeting Recording

The truth of online meetings is that there is always a possibility of someone missing out on the meeting. This is where meeting recordings become very important. Meeting Recordings are not only helpful for participants who couldn’t attend the meeting, but they are also useful for attendees who can use these recordings as a reference. Preferably, users would have access to unrestricted recording, but several web conferencing solution restrict the quantity of meetings than can be recorded and stored based on the file size. Some providers may restrict the number of minutes that can be recorded, or even the available editing features.

Role-Based Access

This allows hosts to control and provide access only to precise tools based on role. This confirms that viewer’s participation is always on the speaker’s terms, and the viewers’ attention is where the speaker needs it at a certain time.


Webinar solutions allow audiences to register for webinar attendance inside the application. Built-in registration functionality helps the hosts to check for the attendance even without ever exiting the app. Some webinar solutions even let hosts to send security materials or routinely send emails to registered attendees.

Attendee Live Chat

Best Webinar Software enables attendees to interact with each another by providing them with chat in real time. A live attendee chat help the viewers to remain engaged, particularly if attendees are also not in a common location. Live chat functionality can also be used by a host to get questions from the audience flawlessly.

Polls and Surveys

Webinar solutions help audiences to partake in polls and surveys conducted by the host. Polls and surveys provided to the audience in real offer the speaker tailored talking points, enabling them to customize their message or presentation to those present.

Event Analytics

Best Webinar Software provides insights into the webinars which can directly indicate the success of a webinar at the launch and even later if it was posted after recording. These insights can provide hosts with an idea of what needs to be improved and what they did well.

Attendee Reports

Webinar solutions combine attendee information for the purpose of analysis. This information can be used to deliver follow-up emails to the participants or also can be compiled into a list of leads that can be connected later. If the list comprises demographic information of the attendees, further evaluation can be done on the audience.

Social Media Integration

Webinar solutions integrate with social media sites which also helps in streaming across various social media sites. Simple social media integration can help in spreading important messages across numerous channels, facilitating easy viewing and extra channel reach. Streaming on social media sites are also normally easy to share, which could compare to more generated interest than initially expected.

Software Integration

Best Webinar Software integrates with external software to be able to offer even more features. Webinar solutions will usually integrate with software according to the use case. Even a universal webinar software integrates with more industry specific tools such as learning management systems (LMS), corporate LMS etc.

Screen Sharing

An ideal webinar software helps users in broadcasting their computer screen or mobile device interface to the viewers. This functionality allows them to offer product demonstrations as well as trainings.

Presentation Streaming

A webinar software helps in streaming presentations during a web conference. Contrasting to screen sharing, this functionality only shares PowerPoint files and not the whole desktop to the viewers.

Video Conferencing

This functionality help in streaming live videos of hosts and audiences through a webcam or a mobile camera. It also provides users with a live video of all the members during a webinar.

Hand Raising

Webinar solutions also provide audiences with a "raise hand" feature which enables them to ask questions while a presentation is going on. Once the option is chosen, the host is informed and they can transfer the audio and video controls to the participant who wants to ask a question.

Mobile App

This helps the participants to join the webinars from their smartphones by using Android or iOS app.

Host Controls

Host Controls allow webinar hosts to share presentation controls from one host to another.

Event-based Webinars

This helps organizers in hosting webinars for a bigger audience such as customers, students, and employees from across the globe. Also, it helps you manage attendee registrations.

What are the major benefits of using a Webinar Software?

Ease of Access for Audiences

Audience can join the webinars from any location just by logging in with their credentials or event-specific access codes. Some providers also offer mobile apps that allow viewers to access webinars from their mobile devices. This ease-of-access increases attendance and removes any travel or logistics expenses.

Collect and Analyse Responses more Effectively

In order to make the webinars more effective, it's important to gather feedback and frequently evaluate the performance of all the sessions. Webinar software allows users to send out digital feedback forms to audience post the session, thereby increasing survey participation.

In-session Partnership

Webinar solutions also help in improving collaboration amongst hosts and the attendees. It provides participants with a chat interface that enables them in posting comments and questions while a session is going on. Hosts can also distribute files with the audience and conduct Q&A sittings after the webinar.

Wider Reach

Webinars can generally be accessed by a global audience. This means that organizations can extend their reach to anybody across the globe easily and conveniently, provided that they have access to the essential internet aided devices. With a comprehensive webinar app, businesses are no longer restricted to only promoting their services or products to the customers within their geographical reach, but also across the globe. To expand their geographical spread, organizations have always been required to actually send their officials to far off locations. These officials typically settle deals via individual or direct conversations. On the other hand, webinars and video conferencing solutions enable individual, as well as one-to-many, virtual meetings amongst business representatives and other stakeholders in a well-organized way, without the need to waste resources on pointless travel. 

More Engaging

Best Webinar Software are amongst the most effective digital marketing solutions available that can be used by businesses today. One of the major reasons for this is that these solutions are great at engaging the audience as compared to, for instance, traditional marketing videos. This also means that participants who would want to follow the whole presentation will put their best effort to join the event through a computer, tablet or a mobile device from start to end. This not only confirms that the viewers don’t miss anything, but also that they also get the chance to ask their queries and have them resolved in real time. Generally, it is possible for the participants to pause, stop and/or close marketing videos for later watching, this is not likely with webinars. Webinar participants have to be present and watch the entire webinar to the end if they are actually interested in the content.

Improved Branding Value

Substantial amount of time, energy, and money is spent in branding of businesses. Some webinar platforms, make it likely for the users to make use of their own brand colours, signs, and domain names to personalize each and every part of their webinar presentations to suit the exclusivity of their own brand. During each webinar, participants are exposed to the brand recurrently. With time, the brand becomes more and more notable to the whole target audience. Post that, every time that the audience think about the industry, niche, or product, they will more likely recall the brand. If this is compared to the shorter mentions used at traditional in-person events for interacting or conventions, where many other brands would also be active, and the company will begin to learn more about the powerful branding value offered by online webinars.

Better Understanding of Audience

Businesses that know better about their target audience are more probable to create better products and services, sell more, and achieve better in the long run. Moreover, any prevailing products can be altered to match with the precise needs of the target audience as more information about their necessities comes to light. Amongst all the benefits and cons of webinar solutions, they provide businesses with access to a lot of valued information, gained right from interested participants, through polls, surveys and Q&A sessions conducted during the live event. Organizations also get the opportunity to understand more about what prospects, clients, suppliers, and employees are expecting help with. 

Cost-Efficient Communications

One of the most important benefits of a webinar solution is its affordability. The basic needs for conducting a successful online webinar are an internet connection, computer device, webcam, and access to a good quality webinar app. Affordability play an important role in driving up the profitability of any organization. By using webinar solutions, organizations can significantly minimize the number of resources required for unimportant travel to networking events, sessions, and individual meetings. This means that rather than spending money and time on commute to meet a small group of already existing or possible suppliers or customers, organizations can instead create cost-effective webinars on a timely basis. This not only guarantees that they uphold close, individual contact with everyone in their network, but it also helps them to expand their network through bigger, one-to-many webinars. 

What are the Webinar Software functionalities to be assessed before buying?

In order to be able to use the webinar software to its fullest, the buyers will need to look at some functionalities before buying the software. Some of these functionalities have been listed below here:

Number of Participants

Many of the webinar platform providers compute this on a monthly or on an annual basis, it is important for the buyers to be clear about the number of participants they need.  If they are conducting their first webinar, they may have plans to have a large number of attendees.  It is important not to miscalculate, otherwise, they may end up paying for extra attendees that may not be attending the event.  By assessing the number of participants, it becomes a bit easy for the hosts to calculate their budget.


IT is always recommended that prior to going through their webinar options, the organizers need to be clear about their budget for the solution. In most cases, there is going to be an expense of buying a webinar tool.  There is a wide range of webinar tools that are available at various price points. Whatever the choice is, the buyers will need to ensure that they will get an ROI so that their webinars add value to their business, and not be a financial liability.  If the users focus more on lead generation or sales, that can be a lot simple to compute.  However, if the users have any other purpose, then they may want to look at customer retaining or webinar engagement as likely metrics. 

Free Trial

Buyers need to check if the solution provider offers free trials. Since, free trials are a good opportunity to try out any software, do rigid testing of the solution to understand how it operates from an admin point of view.  Additionally, it is also recommended to test the solution to see what how it runs from a user perspective. 

Customized Branding

Customized branding generally refers to the capacity of the users to use their logo, exclusive colours, font styles, email sender particulars in the software. A few of the webinar platforms even allow users to entirely personalize their branding, whereas there are some solutions that don’t allow much customization, unfortunately.  This makes in important for the buyers to determine how important it is for them to do the branding.


Integrations normally refer to the ability of the buyers to make use of technology to pass details of their contacts to other platforms.  This may comprise registration details, attendance or no show data and other data amongst their webinar software to other software, like CRM.

Software Reviews

Whenever evaluating any webinar software, it can be useful for the buyers to check some customer reviews to get some important insights into other users’ experience of the software. It would be even better if the buyers connect with someone they know of, who is also presently using the same webinar platform and get their personal review on the same. 

Webinar Software Support/Help

It is quite natural to have questions or need support with any technology solution.  Be it just a few general questions about getting the webinar setup, or some technical issues in operating their webinars. 

Best Webinar Software

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Zoho Webinar Software is a powerful web conferencing tool for hosting online meetings and webinars. It is a web-based tool that lets you arrange and attend online conferences and webinars without the need to download any software. Conduct meetings and webinars and share your screen or application window in real-time to present presentations or demos. 

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For Zoho Meeting

With an intuitive and straightforward interface and a user-friendly platform, GoToWebinar Webinar Software is a self-service webinar software for many people and corporations. Setting up is easy and does not require IT support. Its simplicity has helped corporations and individuals generate high value, with adequate marketing leads to decrease their expenses. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

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For GoToWebinar
BigMarker Webinar Software is one of the highest 100 Collaboration software products. The software allows easy set up of meetings, though whatever is the size of the audience. It ensures that all are on the same page, the same level as everyone. You can easily build interactive webinars that can run themselves by setting them on auto-pilot. 
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For BigMarker

Adobe Connect Webinar Software can be efficiently utilized by its incredible video conferencing tools. You can securely share your files and media to your participants without any second doubts. You can literally customize anything on this software to work as per your personal/business requirements, be it audience engagement channels or creating a virtual room for yourself and your audience.

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For Adobe Connect Webinar

The video communication in BlueJeans Webinar Software is not only guarded by user privacy but also ensures increased productivity with its real-time intelligence. The one-touch access simplifies the process of joining a meeting. It is extremely organized with its regular updates and alerts. Moreover, the different pricing packages allow one to choose from a range of options.

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For BlueJeans Events
Convey Webinar Software is a cloud-based conferencing tool that helps carry out self-service interactions for the enterprise. It offers an abundance of webcast-creation tools, including comprehensive editing for recordings with 256-bit SSL encryption to guarantee the privacy of communications. It renders a unique collection of tools, optional settings and customer support to ensure that its webcasts engage the attendees fully.
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For Convey
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For RingCentral Meetings
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For Cisco Webex Meetings
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For Livestorm
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For CreateWebinar
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For Crowdcast
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For Demio
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For eyeson
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For Freestone
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For GoBrunch
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For JetWebinar
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For LiveWebinar
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For MyOwnConference
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For Restream
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For StealthSeminar
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For TouchCast Studio
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For Webcast
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For WebinarGeek
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For WorkCast
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