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Crocoblock USP

Crocoblock website builder software brings forward the most advanced user experience regarding Eliminator page building, providing numerous themes to choose from, namely Kava. Some of the plugins include JetElements, JetWooBuilder, JetBlocks, etc. while it also comes loaded with more than 150+ widgets, pop-up bundles, and pre-made templates. It offers an all-in-one approach as it negates the need for separate buying of plugins. There are more than 30+ skins available, which can be accessed through the drop-down menu. Request Crocoblock Pricing to get more information.


Crocoblock website page builder software with WordPress and Eliminator plugins, suitable for bloggers, entrepreneurs, online ventures, etc. Access to numerous WordPress themes is available, including Kava, and JetPlugins package. More than a thousand pre-loaded templates are available along with 40+ skins on a variety of topics. The skins automate the download of header, footer, designed pages, blocks, etc. It also allows for custom post types using the JetPlugin.

Crocoblock Pricing

Crocoblock Pricing has been divided on the number of websites with two options of one and unlimited websites on offer, in three different Crocoblock Pricing categories. A discount for teachers and students under specific criteria is available. Crocoblock Pricing per year is as follows:

One website/year

  • Design - $49
  • Multi-Tool - $69
  • E-Commerce - $69

Unlimited Websites/year

  • Design - $69
  • Multi-Tool - $99
  • E-Commerce - $99
For more details about pricing, please contact the company. 

Crocoblock Website Builder Software Demo

No information on a demo has been made available by the vendor.


Powerful Elementor Plugins
  • Create custom website structures using a number of meta field types and self-made post types.
  • Build personalized templates and layouts suitable to specific needs and usage

Personalize Popups

  • Decide when and how popup appears when the user accesses the webpage, with options varying from on opening to exit
  • Assign a specific date when the popup will appear showing specific information

Create enabling blog pages

  • Highlight the most essential information using effects and animation
  • Personalize publications using tools like meta query, order publications and include or exclude terms

Design web page layout

  • Select from a multitude of existing options of layout including grid and list view
  • Reduce searching time through the detailed filters and categories provided


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Buyer, Ecommerce

May 13, 2020

“Amazing templates at a reasonable price”

The variety of templates on offer is extremely attractive, especially at the affordable pricing range.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 13, 2020

“Easy to use and great support”

The software has a simple user interface and provides active assistance to smooth over any difficulties.
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62 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal” for Crocoblock
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