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Oxatis USP

Oxatis website builder software aims at growing an e-commerce business efficiently through customized website-building and editing and increasing online visibility by using effective marketing strategies and 400 powerful features. It uses the SaaS technology which helps in saving time and money by creating and migrating e-commerce sites. It also contains B2B-specific features and offers. Oxatis aids a business in expanding their sales overseas by enabling a multilingual interface. Request Oxatis Pricing to get more information.


Oxatis is a cloud-based website-building software designed to provide e-commerce solutions to companies. It helps in the creation and growth of an online business through the various features that it contains. With customized features, professional website design, intelligent market strategies and training programmes Oxatis website builder software strives to provide a company all that is needed for maximum lead generation and conversion. 

Oxatis Pricing

Oxatis aims at generating online turnover. Oxatis pricing differs for website release on the basis of whether an e-commerce website is connected or not connected to the company’s ERP. 

  • If connected, the pricing starts from $3,804, and
  • If not connected, it starts from $21,735. 
  • Oxatis pricing for B2B and B2C SaaS licenses starts from approximately $108/month. 

A company can also request a tailor-made quote by simply filling out a form on its website. 

Oxatis Demo

Oxatis website builder software provides a free trial to interested clients to give them a clear picture of its working. The free trial can later be converted into a paid plan.


  • Increase reach and visibility on web through search engine optimization
  • Enables a product to be shown in more than 20 online marketplaces

  • Facilitates quick lead conversion with the use of smart e-commerce tools
  • Customize the complete website design to represent the brand fully
  • Integrate more than 35 payment methods like PayPal, Amazon Pay etc. to generate greater revenues

Customer Loyalty
  • Engage customers through email and SMS campaigns and notifications and monitor their progress through analytics
  • Create exclusive offers for premium customers like a members-only sale 

  • Track business growth and optimization through efficient statistical reports
  • Deal efficiently with a large amount of data in the least time through DataPlug 


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Buyer, Ecommerce

Apr 27, 2020

“Effective SEO”

This software optimizes a website for search engines which enables the website to rank at the top of Google pages and other search engines.
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James Smith

Apr 27, 2020

“Great for Small Businesses”

Oxatis works great for small and medium size businesses and plays a major role in boosting their sales.
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86 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal” for Oxatis
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