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63 Buyers are Negotiating "Group Buyer Deal" for Pagelines

Pagelines USP

Pagelines website builder software provides its users with an interactive and intuitive interface, allowing them to build sites easily and effectively without any knowledge of coding. Its readymade templates and robust attributes can be used for any WordPress site, allowing the user to customize and upload changes according to will.

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Pagelines website builder software is an online platform which allows its users to create and build fully functioning websites within minutes. It caters to the needs of professionals as well as amateurs, providing them with a medium to master the art of website building with no pre-required knowledge of coding. With its 24/7 available support, users can get access to assistance anytime, anywhere.

Pagelines Pricing

Pagelines pricing system is affordable and feasible with plans ranging from 99$ per year to 499$ per year. The user can select any plan based on its needs and requirements. Here are the PageLines pricing segments of:

  • Personal: 99$ per user per year. 1 pro site.
  • Business: 199$ per user per year. 3 pro sites.
  • Web Pro: 499$ per user per year. Unlimited pro sites. 

For more details about their pricing plans, please contact the company. 

Pagelines Demo

Pagelines website builder software provides a simple and easy demonstration of its working on the website. An interactive video gives the users a glimpse of its unique and one-of-a-kind features. Interested users can also try their hand on the software by downloading a free version from the website. 


Faster website designing
  • Design as quickly as possible with real-time drag and drop
  • Use readymade templates and create stunning websites
  • Save time spent in creating custom templates 

Plug and play designs 
  • Position and style contents according to the needs of the user
  • Create content and style websites with over 50 Pagelines extensions
  • Speed up design work using various shortcuts

Website management 
  • Gain access to personalized support
  • Simplify the management process through team formation

Business growth 
  • Import images, videos, fonts and several other elements from hundreds of integrated websites
  • Track site progress and user status by including customizable forms

Mobile access
  • Get access to websites anytime, anywhere with mobile applications
  • Manage and edit websites on-the-go without any hassle
  • Ask for assistance with 24/7 available support



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James Smith

Apr 27, 2020

“Economical and reliable”

Pagelines has an affordable and feasible pricing range, catering to users all around the world. Its flexible features and stunning templates ease up the process of website building.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“No prior coding knowledge required”

Freelancers and newbies with no coding knowledge can also build websites within minutes. This saves the users on some precious man-hours and needless expenses.
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63 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal” for Pagelines
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