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Universe Website Builder
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Universe Website Builder USP

Universe Website Builder Software is not by any means a replacement for a professional website for legitimate businesses but the idea behind the platform is to enable each user whether they know to code or not, create a website in under a minute using only their mobile phone. The intended purpose of the the software is to create websites with a clean interface quickly so that the link could be mentioned on social media pages like Instagram. Request Universe Website Builder Pricing to get more information.


Universe Website Builder Software is an online platform that helps users design and create a functioning website. The platform is mobile-centric and is available in the form of an app on the iPhone. Creating a website on the the software takes less than a minute and the process is fairly simple so users with no knowledge of website creation or coding can instantly build their websites.

Universe Website Builder Pricing

Pricing for the pro version is $12.99 for one month and the pricing for one year is $102.99. The pricing is in line with the leading competitors in the market. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offers competitive personalized pricing based on your needs. For more details about their pricing plans, contact the company. Users can also use the free version by downloading it from the app store.

Universe Website Builder Software Demo

Free demo is available for interested users on its website and on the app store in the form of pictures. Interested users can also use the pro version by signing up for a trial period of 7 days.


Phone first
  • Create effective and smart websites from an iPhone application by adding images, Gifs, videos, subscribe buttons, etc.
  • Complete the website building process in under a minute and get the website up and running.

User Friendly

  • Simplifies the website building process by using the simple drag and drop editing process.
  • Choose from themes such as musician, restaurant, podcast, etc.
  • Makes the website effective by adding blocks that enables users to add contact information like email ID

Commercial Websites
  • Establishes an online store using the platform.
  • Accepts online payments through Square cash and Paypal.

Domain name and Analytics
  • Choose suitable domain names from the list or create custom domain names using Pro version of the software.
  • Measure and evaluate the success of the website using statistics like page views and the number of subscribers.


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Universe Website Builder
87 Buyers Negotiating
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Universe Website Builder Reviews


James Smith

Apr 27, 2020


Universe Website Builder has a clean user interface and enables users to create a website effectively and effortlessly. It makes the process of website building quick and easy.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“Low entry barrier”

Universe Website Builder provides a platform to build small but effective websites for individual users with no knowledge of coding.
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