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Landen USP

Landen website builder software creates different websites for different businesses or startups. It provides additional features also such as blogging, analytics and automatic emails. It also provides time to time reports which gives detailed information. Also, it provides a secured website.

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Landen Website Builder Software creates websites for various small businesses as well as startups. Landen creates websites at a very low cost so that it is affordable for everyone. Also, it provides various features that are helpful to the user. There are options of customized websites that can be edited by the user also and for that no special skill is required.

Landen Pricing

Landen Pricing range differs according to the requirement of the user. Landen Pricing starts from $29 to $99. Here is the Landen Pricing segment:

  • Free: $0/month : It is free version
  • Startup: $29/3 months
  • Growth: $49/ 15 months
  • Business: $99/ 75 months.

Landen Demo

Landen website builder software does not provide a demo on its official website. But the user can use the free version and get to know about the website. Also, the user can find videos easily on the internet.


Dynamic Website
  • Creates a dynamic website for the user, which means that website can be changed anytime .
  • Creates pages according to the wish of the user, it reflects all the ideas of the user in the website.

Easy publishing

  • Makes publishing very easy, as soon as the site is launched it gets connected to a server within seconds.
  • Makes reliable websites that are hosted with AWS i.e. Amazon Web Services.

Good Integration
  • Connects the website with great integrations such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and many more.
  • Connects with great payment methods also so that payments can be done securely.

Powerful Tools
  • Provides very powerful tools to the users such as allows users to add a blog to users website which attracts people.
  • Allows users to manage lists and also gets automatic emails, the user can also get an analysis of the website regularly


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Landen Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 27, 2020


It provides all the services at a very affordable cost. Even the one month version is free. And all other versions also cost very low.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“Additional Features”

It provides additional features that will attract the client to the website and helps the user also. It provides additional features such as blogging, analytics, email and many more.
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