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Cargo USP

Cargo Website Builder Software is a professional site building platform for all categories of users including designers and artists. It has a collection of more than 30 templates to customize one’s site and access control on how one’s content looks. It has scored pretty much in the Blogging category which has parameters like users satisfaction, press buzz, recent user trends and other relevant information on Cargo gathered from the web.

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Cargo Website Builder Software is a website builder platform or tool that enables users to create accessible tools within a network to enhance their exposure and offers free-standing websites and simple and accessible tools to control the content that should be displayed. It also manages the design and the text of the site one’s going to build by providing a variety of customizable design templates.

Cargo Pricing

Based on the business requirements, Cargo pricing subscription can only be available in 2 pricing segments. Here are the Cargo pricing plans of Cargo:

  • Basic Service -  Free (free service available)
  • Site upgrades  - $9.00/site/month

Cargo Demo

Cargo Website Builder Software provides a free demo for all its versions on the website or online in the form of tutorials and videos to acquaint the users with all its functionalities.


Design and Layout

  • Easy and simple way to access the tools users need to build their platform by just clicking on the design tab
  • Provides layout settings like alignment, typography and color scheme to establish the site’s entire global design

Image galleries

  • Useful features for wide selection of images that can be laid out in most creative ways with just a few clicks
  • Assigns a set of tools that are easily understandable and operative to create an image gallery

Content editing

  • Transforms adding and editing content into a process just like creating an email so that users can edit their content directly on page
  • Implements drag-and-drop system so that users can easily add images,text or any other component on their page

Backdrops and Pinning

  • Allows users to apply different types of backgrounds like still page, a video, a Google map, a color gradient and other visual effects available in its gallery
  • Provides a function which allows users to pin a specific page or content to make it a global element which is generally applied to brand logos, panels, banners and many more


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Cargo Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“Simple and responsive interface”

Cargo’s new interface is very simple and fast with an affordable pricing options.
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James Smith

Apr 27, 2020

“Great customer service”

It’s customer service and specifically tutorials are solid and has one of the most user friendly interfaces to build a portfolio website.
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