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Bento USP

Bento is a powerful workflow management software. Bento focuses on understanding its user’s problem. It learns as much as possible about all the issues faced by the company and understands what remedial steps have been tried already. It understands long-term goals so that it can align their final solution in line with its user’s vision and works to create a comprehensive, long-term solution. Request Bento Pricing to get more information.


Bento is workflow management software experienced in identifying and solving problems in business workflows and fixing them in a lasting and long-term manner. 

Bento can generate business models based on the growth that firm’s desire, along with a software system that will keep up. Bento creates workflow efficiencies for the whole firm including the sales teams, project and production management, document and contact management, inter-organization communication, and overall organizational structure.

Bento Features 

Integrated Contacts

  • Optimise and Integrate with Bento’s contacts and store all contacts in one place.
  • Work seamlessly without having to worry about lost contacts. Bento's Contact and Company tool keeps all client info and contact notes straight.

Project Planner

  • Gain maximum lead with Bento, which keeps up with all due dates, deadlines and tasks for each project. Bento’s project management app has intuitive and easy-to-use project management features to keep projects on track, on time and making project management easy.
  • Setup and customize different projects with their own custom project workflows. Reduce work- time by easily creating project templates for each project type.

Task Planner

  • Operate with maximum efficiency with the Bento’s tasks feature. Users can create tasks and assign them to one or multiple team members and quickly see what's coming up in List View.
  • Operate carefree with inbuilt task reminder, which reminds of every upcoming task. Also, bento can remind of every repeating task without creating it again. 

Proposals and Billing

  • Optimise work and make it easier for the team to send out more proposals. Bento can set up default contracts and invoice templates to make it super easy to create profitable proposals for clients.
  • Enhance security by using the built in client payment portal to get paid quickly. Here, clients see, sign, and pay for their proposals all on their own. Safe and secure.

Staff Management

  • Simplify employee management with Bento’s module for personnel planning. Use custom job types to assign standard paperwork to team members. 
  • Operate swiftly with Bento in which members can quickly view, download, and submit paperwork back to the admins without ever leaving Bento.

Bento Pricing

Bento Pricing offers different costs depending on the requirement of the services and the usage of the system. Bento Pricing provides following packages:

  1. Up to 50 users - $99/month
  2. More than 51 users - $99 + $1.50/user/month

Bento Demo

Bento provides a Demo on request, simply go to the website. The demo can be availed from its site by simple registration, to schedule a free consultation without any obligation.


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89 Buyers Negotiating
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    Time Tracking
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    Customer Service
  • +6
    App Integration
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    Customizable Notifications
  • +7
    Reporting Capabilities
  • +5
    Role-based Access Controls
  • +13
    Task and Workflow Automation
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    Annual Subscription
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    File Sharing
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    Monthly Subsciption
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    Web Application
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    Windows Installation
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    Progress Monitoring
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    System Integration
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    Mac Installation
  • -7
    Mobile App
  • -13
    Mobile Application
  • -6
    One-Time Purchase
  • -6
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS

Bento Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 05, 2020


Bento has a simple and clear UI with a user-friendly environment. Its intuitive UI makes management easy and increases efficiency. It lets its users stay organized.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020


It saves time for its users by setting up customized workflows for various projects. With Bento, users can know what phase each project is in.
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