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Infinity USP

Infinity workflow management software offers extreme flexibility of use and a feature-rich arsenal of tools and templates. It also comes with an in-built CRM all at a very low cost and permanent licenses making it one of a kind. Users can organize everything from businesses, finances to personal tasks all through one platform not only enriching businesses but lives. Request Infinity Pricing to get more information.


Infinity workflow management software is a highly flexible and customizable workflow management platform. Armed with a toolset that helps the user organize any type of project or business with ease. Seamlessly integrates into any kind of business from small home businesses to large enterprises. The customizable structure through templates and powerful features makes sure that the user workspace is clutter-free while granting instant access to all important data with just one click. 

Infinity Pricing

Infinity Pricing offers lifetime access to their platform with prices starting from $99 going all the way up to $899. Including all features just with a varying number of collaborators. Here are Infinity Pricing divided as per modules served:

  1. Team: $99/10 users
  2. Startup: $149/25 users
  3. Business: $299/50 users
  4. Company: $499/100 users
  5. Enterprise: $899/unlimited users
Infinity workflow management software pricing has  5 paid plans.

Infinity Demo

Infinity workflow management software does not allow a free trial but offers a money-back guarantee within 20 days of purchase enabling users to gain a full refund. Infinity has extensive guides and tutorials available on their website along with an information-rich community of blogs and forums. 24/7 live support is also available.

Infinity Features

Marketing Management

  • Helps the user head a marketing team by using the Marketing Management template
  • Provides SEO, content marketing channels, campaign management, and many other marketing tools all from one place

Sales Pipeline

  • Keeps all parts of sales processes connected, informed and functioning smoothly while still retaining its simplicity
  • Find all relevant data such as client accounts, estimate contract values, important dates all through the sales template

Product Management

  • Contains everything from tools to create a product strategy to everyday development work
  • Grants the user ability to check what is going on in each sprint by preparing tasks in the backlog and virtual tracking

Project Planning

  • Collaborate on projects with teams easily by having access to all important information through the Project template
  • Divide major projects into smaller tasks and assign them to people individually while tracking everyone’s progress and setting due dates


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    Customer Service
  • +11
    System Integration
  • +6
    App Integration
  • +14
    Customizable Notifications
  • +7
    Reporting Capabilities
  • +5
    Role-based Access Controls
  • +13
    Task and Workflow Automation
  • +5
    Annual Subscription
  • +10
    File Sharing
  • +5
  • +7
    Mobile App
  • +14
    Monthly Subsciption
  • +11
  • +12
  • +14
    Web Application
  • +6
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • +8
    Windows Installation
  • +9
    Progress Monitoring
  • +8
    Time Tracking
  • -13
  • -9
    Mac Installation
  • -13
    Mobile Application
  • -6
    One-Time Purchase

Infinity Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Amazing Team”

Infinity team’s attention through exploring, onboarding to LTD has more than made-up for the initial investment.
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James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Infinite Support”

Highly responsive customer support team and a constant flow of interesting new features
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