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Jibble USP

Jibble workforce management software provides an organization with a simple and easy workforce management solution to properly manage any number of employees. The software being integrated to work on IOS and android devices helps in tracking and managing employees on the go. The iPad kiosk provides all the important data regarding the employees’ activities under one device. The statistics available helps in improving the productizing through proper management and reviews. Scheduling of work allows the employees to work in an organized manner hence increasing the productivity and functionality of the organization.

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Jibble workforce management software is an easy to use attendance app for easy workflow management. It is a cloud-based time tracking and attendance solution which assists with managing organizations and to maximize the time of the employees and making sure that the employee’s payment is based on the amount of time they work recorded in the software’s data. Jibble’s biggest selling point is its ease of use and ability to help users work anywhere through its desktop and ios apps.

Jibble pricing

Jibble pricing ranges from $0.50 for the jibble pro to $1  for the desktop version monthly charges. Jibble pricing plans provide different software versions with different price ranges.


  1. Attendance basic: FREE
  2. Jibble pro: $0.50 per month
  3. Jibble Desktop pro: $1 per month

Jibble demo

Jibble workforce management software provides a 14-day free trial with all monthly plans. Jibble website provides video tutorials which range from the setting up of the software to gain more insight regarding the same.

Jibble features

  • Timesheet viewing and powerful reporting
  • Viewing of personal or team daily, weekly or monthly timesheet.
  • Get customer reports and staff statistics.
  • Make manual time entries for all the staff members.
  • Improves the productivity
  • Enables directs access to employees’ statistics for performance reviews and productivity enhancement of the employees.
  • Receiving daily, monthly, weekly alerts provides assistance regarding the updates of the employees
  • Setting up iPad kiosk for the employees
  • Integrating iPad kiosk for all the employees.
  • Provides biometrics verification and facial recognition of all the employees for easy tracking of the attendance.
  • Tracking attendance and saving of all the data is done on the cloud for easies payroll management.
  • Desktop app
  • Provides data regarding automatically recorded screenshots of the working employees.
  • Observe desktop management level from amount of mouse clicks, mouse movements and activity on the keyboard.


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Jibble Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Geolocation tracking provides easy onsite reports”

Tracking the staff with attendance with location helps in field survey of a project. The software is affordable and gives full value for money.
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Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 04, 2020

“Managing employees is easy”

Jibble consists of features which make sure that the management of employees based on their work amount to their payroll distribution is easy and hassle free.
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