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ALLEGO in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - Startups

  • Arnhem, Gelderland
  • 2013
  • $11MN to $50MN
Company Overview
Key features of the Allego Ultra Fast Charger are as follows:-
  • Tap & Charge: Allego supports RFID cards from all significant-quality service suppliers and supports credit-card and debit-card payments still on the bulk of chargers.
  • Personalization: A top quality build and a sturdy enclosure guarantee extended equipment lifetime, creating it ideal for a large number of installations, both inside and outside.
  • Network Optimization: An Allego ultra fast charger connected to the Allego EV Cloud guarantees connectivity and observation of the charger and its sessions. Their client support team is there to assist e-drivers 24/7.

Allego Ultra Fast Charger EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is designed for electric vehicles that require to be charged quickly like shared vehicles or e-taxis. It is compatible with each electric vehicle with a DC fast-charge choice. It is a scalable and future-proof solution to come up with new business on users’ location, ideal on high-traffic locations. This distinctive buying reason sets it aside from other charging equipment operators, who solely provide CCS on Ultra-Fast Chargers. Besides, it is suitable for fuel stations, meeting venues, or roadside restaurants.  

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