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The infrastructure that provides the crucial link between an Electric Vehicle (EV) with a depleted battery and the electrical source that recharges those batteries is the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). The function of EVSE is to supply electric energy to charge electric vehicles. EVSE is also known as an EV charging station, electric recharging point, or charging point. Technological advancements in EV charging and an enhanced range of distance covered by electric vehicles are some of the major factors driving the market growth.


New Motion B.V., Leviton, Allego and Delta lead the electric vehicle supply equipment - startups market and are recognized as progressive companies. They have a strong protfolio of solutions, services and ev charging companies offerings. These vendors have been making their presence in the EVSE startups market by offering highly customized and easily deployable solutions for OEMs, coupled with their robust business strategy to achieve constant growth in the EVSE - Startups market.


Chargemaster, SemaConnect, Ionity and EVGO are recognized as responsive companies in the electric vehicle supply equipment - startups market. They have an innovative portfolio in the EVSE market and a robust potential to build strong business strategies for their business growth to be at par with the progressive companies.


Wallbox OK, Alfen, POD Point, OP Connect are recognized as duynamic companies in the EVSE market. They have a strong portfolio of solutions and services and an extensive network of charging partners to increase the deployment of their charging solution across a multitude of vertical markets. Over the years, these vendors have been consistently growing in the EVSE market, and their market growth ius boosted by organic and inorganic ventures undertaken by them over the period.


Spark Horizon, Heliox, ECoG, Volta Charing, Pulse Charging are recognized as the starting blocks in the EVSE market. Most of these emerging vendors are boosting their sales capabilities across various regions to offer integrated solutions, devices and services to a wide range of clients. The emerging companies are those who may hold a stronger position in the market in the future or considered as vanguards in other products segments but are at the initial growth stage in the EVSE market.


The infrastructure that offers the decisive link between an Electric Vehicle (EV) with a depleted battery and the electrical source that recharges those batteries is the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). The function of EVSE is to supply electric energy to charge electric vehicles. EVSE is also popular as EV charging station, electric recharging point, or charging point. These stations are usually installed in municipal parking sites by electric utility corporations or at retail shopping centers by private companies. All of these stations are equipped with special connectors that conform to the variety of electric charging connector standards. The electric vehicles have witnessed rapid evolution with the ongoing developments in charging infrastructure and technology. Technological advancements in EV charging and enhanced range of distance covered by electric vehicles are some of the major factors driving the growth of the electric vehicle market. In addition, the growing sensitivity of various governments towards a cleaner environment has increased the demand for zero-emission vehicles. These vehicles need the installation of efficient charging infrastructure. Public and private charging stations play a significant role in this scenario. With advancements in high end charging technology, the demand for fast charging equipment is significant. The EV charging supply equipment market has attracted huge investments by OEMs. In addition, OEMs have also started developing charging infrastructure for the convenience of EV owners.

Unlike conservative vehicles that can’t be refilled in the absence of dedicated fueling facilities at selected locations, one of the affirmative facets of EVs is that these can be charged at numerous places including homes, offices, malls, parking lots, etc. Though, appropriate charging setup will need to be in place at such locations. An extensive and easily available charging network will prove to be most critical for rapid adoption of electric vehicles. The expansion of a robust charging infrastructure network is extensively considered a key requirement for a large-scale switch to e-mobility. Such infrastructure would not only deliver more charging choices for drivers but would also endorse mindfulness and range confidence for prospective electric vehicle owners.

Importance of EV Charging

  • A Clean Substitute - A battery electric vehicle (BEV) has lesser moving parts than a conventional vehicle. There’s no necessity for liquid fuels or oil changes. Most of the maintenance costs related to internal combustion engine are removed.
  • Cost Efficient - The total cost of owning an EV is comparatively lesser than the gas fueled cars.
  • Energy Independence - The electricity that powers an EV can come from many sources, which may comprise of low-emission sources like natural gas and zero emission sources like wind, solar, hydro, and nuclear power. These allow EVs to radically decrease gaseous emissions.
  • First Mover Advantages: The governments have made a variety of subsidies available for EV charging installations at all stages to develop the primary infrastructure. This enables the early adopters to considerably decrease their investment cost by leveraging the public funding.

Benefits of EV Charging

  • Reduction in carbon emissions
  • Employee retention for businesses
  • Retailers would be able to attract more customers
  • Reduction in electricity consumption leads to energy saving
  • Reduction or elimination in fuel expenses
  • Flexible payment options
  • Business advertising opportunities

 Types of Chargers

  • Rapid Chargers - Rapid chargers are the quickest way to charge an EV. They are frequently located at highways or locations near the main routes. Rapid chargers include Rapid DCchargers, Ultra-Rapid DC, Tesla’s Supercharger and Rapid AC. 
  • Fast Chargers - Fast chargers are characteristically rated at either 7 kW or 22 kW. Most of the fast chargers deliver AC charging, though some networks have been installing 25 kW DC chargers with CCS or CHAdeMO connectors.
  • Slow Chargers - Most slow charging units have been rated at up to 3 kW with some lamp-post chargers being rated at 6 kW. Charging times differ based on the charging unit and the EV that is being charged.


Critical features to be considered while choosing an EV charging station

  • Charger speed
  • If it is portable
  • Wi-Fi Equipped
  • Networked Charging
  • Interface
  • Payment Flexibility
  • Installation
  • Volts, amps, and kilowatts
  • Location: outside vs. inside
  • Plugged-in vs. hardwired EVSEs
  • Cable Length
  • Price
  • EV Tax Benefits

How to choose a right EV Charging Station?

  • Charging Speed – The charging speed has to match the user’s requirements.
  • Safety – Safety of all the equipment has to be considered above rest of the things.
  • Earthing System – The users will need to check if they have TT or IT earthing system on their properties and then they need to consult with the service providers about the same
  • Number of Phases - Most of the properties have single phase or three phase power supply. So if the users plan to get three phase charging points, they will first need to check of how many phases are available at the property and if at all the neutral is available at the main consumer unit. This is very significant as some old properties in some countries might still use very old three phase with no neutral system.
  • Voltage - Most of the power supply is either 230V single phase, or 400V three phase. So all the charging points will be suitable with the property power supply as long as correct phase type was chosen.
  • Plug Type - There are only two EV charging plug standards for AC charging. That's Type 1 also referred to as J1442 or Yazaki and Type 2 also known as Mennekes. The customers need to check what type of plug is more compatible to their need.
  • Charging capacity of the EV - This defines how quick the EV is capable to charge when offered with all the power needed to do this. So prior to choosing the charging point the user has to learn about his/her EV’s maximum charging capacity.

 Recent Developments

  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, has entered into the electric vehicle (EV) space by introducing its “e-Drive” initiative, which is an innovative electric vehicle mobility model that is based on battery swapping. 
  • ClipperCreek sold its 90,000th electric vehicle charging station recently along with its Auburn, CA manufacturing facility. The unit was an HCS-D40P, a recently released plug-in Dual EV Charging Station.
  • EV charger company Delta Electronics is planning to invest $500 Mn in the Indian market by 2026and the company is already working with automakers such as MG Motor. 
  • Panasonic Life Solutions India, plans to expand its electric vehicle charging offerings across the country.
  • Google Maps has introduced a new filter to classify the Electronic Vehicles (EV) charging stations based on the types of plugs. Various companies use different charging connectors for example, Nissan uses CHAdeMO, Tesla uses its instrumentation, and also the BMW and VW use CCS plug kind for charging their cars.



Private charging stations can be installed in home garages or outdoor locations such as offices and building parking lots. Outdoor installations require outdoor-rated charging equipment. Furthermore, a charging station at a multi-family residential complex requires additional considerations and is similar to a public charging station than the one at a single-family home. A home charging station requires wiring a dedicated circuit. Hence, most of the EV owners prefer private charging as it is convenient and cheap. Over a period, various companies have started offering new innovative technologies by integrating private charging with features such as auto scheduling, energy star certification, and charging reminders to make the interface of charging system user-friendly.


Public charging stations are installed on highways to charge EV rapidly. They can be installed at taxi stands, highways, parking lots of commercial properties, hotels, airports, and shopping malls. The governments of various countries are encouraging the installation of public charging stations to increase the adoption of electric vehicles. For instance, many states in the United States such as California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, and Michigan have implemented various schemes that provide rebates and incentives on installation of Level 2 charging station. The convenience of charging the vehicle while driving on a highway or during office hours is expected to boost the growth of public charging installations.

 Industry Trends

  • Fast charging and portable charging services will be on a roll in the near future. A few companies have already introduced some of the products, but they will be on a rise as slow charging option are not very convenient. 
  • Renewable sources of charging, such as solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel charging, are expected to play a vital role in the charging of EVs in the future. The use of renewable energy to power EV charging stations is one of the key opportunities for players in the EV charging market.
  • Smart Charging is the next big thing. It facilitates load balancing and also shares the available power capacity proportionally over all active charging stations. 
  • Enterprises, retailers, and service providers are investing heavily in installing EVSE to offer charging services to employees, customers, and vehicle fleets. Managing service charges and operating costs of EVSE presents a new challenge for owners.
  • Charging time is a major restraint for the growth of the electric vehicle supply equipment market. Turbocharging has a power output of 800 V. With the help of a Combined Charging System (CCS) connector, it can split its 800V throughput into two 400 V plugs. Porsche has already implemented a pilot project for turbocharging in the Berlin-Adlershof technology park.
  • Renewable sources of charging, such as solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel charging, are expected to play a vital role in the charging of EVs in the future. The use of renewable energy to power EV charging stations is one of the key opportunities for players in the EV charging market.
  • Organizations are presently working on avoiding charging by cables and sockets and are planning to introduce a wireless way of charging EVs. The system would be placed on the ground and it can be assimilated on a large scale in the asphalt or connected with the off-street parking places. The EV that is parked above the system will be charged wirelessly with the help of induction.
  • The government has been focused on battery swap as a mechanism to ease the matters of cost of ownership of EVs. Battery Swapping facilities fundamentally support exchange of discharged batteries in a vehicle with fully charged batteries from the shelf. A benefit of battery swapping is the minimized time for energy replacement in EVs as battery swap can be done within 5-15 minutes compared to up to eight hours required for charging a battery.
  • Highly recommended by electric utilities, the V2G facility envisions the capability of electricity producing utilities to equal the demand on their producing volume by drawing energy from the batteries of EVs linked to the grid during the daylight hours of peak demand and returning it to the vehicles during periods of low demand during the night.
  • Battery Technology - stable developments in cell chemistry, anode and cathode material, is leading to a decline in cost for each battery by around 6-8%every year.
  • Solar-powered cars - Another exciting tech trend revolves around solar-powered cars. Many manufacturers are already working towards developing solar cars.
  • Software – Enhancement and innovation in software will be another trend to watch out in the near future. Things like connectivity, safety, information, and in-car entertainment should see some interesting developments in 2020.

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - Startups

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Delta offers a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that provides energy-efficient EV charging solutions with reliability. EV charging companies solution provides a mobile app for easy remote setup, and its chargers have obtained CQC, IEC, UL, and CNS certifications. It completes all types of requirements of clients such as parking space, workplace, commercial building, residential, and highway infrastructure across the world.
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Leviton designs Evr-Green 4000 Electronic Vehicle Supply Equipment that has functions with superior reliability and durability. Evr-Green 4000 is a general use charging stations and ideal for workplace and commercial that available in wall mount configurations for easy installation anywhere. This EVSE is the innovative power sharing equipment that enables two charging ports to share a single circuit. EVSE allows for sites with single port EV stations to improve dual port stations without requiring additional electric services.

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New Motion B. V. offers users easy to use smart charging solutions. Electric Vehicle Solution Equipment (EVSE) includes data insights, control features and extensive services, the user can ensure charging at business and the home location is both efficient and carefree. Top electric vehicle charging companies packages include carefree installation and come with a business subscription, giving access to smart services. The charge points are safety certified, weatherproof, online connected and available in many colors. The smart services of EVSE are remote charge point management, regular firmware updates and 24/7 helpdesk.

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The Ionity EV charger technology modifies its charging speed to the point that the vehicle's built-in battery management system can handle, provided the vehicle needs to be built with CCS standard. Ionity's charging stations directly transform AC power in to DC through industrially robust electronics prior to transmitting it directly into the vehicle's battery at full speed resulting into an extremely fast charging experience.
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Allego Ultra Fast Charger EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is designed for electric vehicles that require to be charged quickly like shared vehicles or e-taxis. It is compatible with each electric vehicle with a DC fast-charge choice. It is a scalable and future-proof solution to come up with new business on users’ location, ideal on high-traffic locations. This distinctive buying reason sets it aside from other charging equipment operators, who solely provide CCS on Ultra-Fast Chargers. Besides, it is suitable for fuel stations, meeting venues, or roadside restaurants.  

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BP Chargemaster Homecharge is designed by Chargemaster. Smart homecharge units are fast, secure, and a flexible way to charge an electric vehicle at home. It can be installed within a few days by electricians. It offers smart charging by using a website control smart homecharge unit. Users can monitor energy usage, cost, and historic data also.

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EVgo designs EVgo Charging 101 Electric Vehicle Solution Equipment, which is fast and affordable. This EVSE charges quickly EV by connecting it to a charger, up to 80% or more in less than an hour. This EVSE has a convenient charging option, and now it is cheaper than gas to charge with EVgo. EVSE fast chargers are compatible with all fast charge capable Electric Vehicles in the market. EVSE has 3 levels of fast charging solution.

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Sema Connect designs Series 6 smart Electric Vehicle charging solution for commercial applications such as the workplace, multifamily, hospitality, retail, and the public sector. EVSE is the most flexible and allows for multiple users and groups with the ability to set hourly rates and its turnkey solution that adds charging as service and as an amenity. EVSE allows easily establish desired access policy for public, private, or multi-group access and easily implement desired pricing policy such as Duration-based (hourly), Time-of-Use, and Pricing.

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WallboxOK creates charging points for electric vehicles that satisfy the highest quality standards without compromising its users requirements. The company's chargers are usually equipped with variable charging intensity, optional charging activation lock and connector locking. WallboxOK's New Wallbox is a perfect solution to charge EVs in hotels, shopping destinations and parking areas. This charger is made with a polished aluminum alloy which make it a right fit for outdoor installations. The company's UP Wallbox is a semi-fast EV charger which is a perfect solution for recharging electric vehicles in private or community garages.
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Pod Point Home charging is offered by Pod Point. It is the best way to charge electric car at home, Pod Point Home charging is fast, secure, safe and facilitated wi-fi. It is compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands. It is available with a choice of two connection types that is: universal socket and tethered unit. Universal socket comes without cable and the tethered unit has 4.8m cable attached for convenience.

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TGOOD leverages magnetics coupling resonance technology which realizes more than 93% power transmission efficiency up to 20cm transmission distance and a maximum charging power of 60kW. TGOOD uses wireless technology in the stereo garage which makes it a perfect solution for scale-charging of electrical vehicles. TGood has developed an intelligent control system which can be really helpful in accomplishing operations and procedures.
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Alfen designs Eve Single Pr-Line Electric Vehicle Solution Equipment, which offers a full range of charging solutions for every application–at home, work, and public areas. Eve Single pro-line can be a wall or pole mounted. EVSE manages the complete installation and management of charging infrastructure for many driving solutions include user interfaces with a color screen including a logo upload facility. Reliable EVSE is an important step towards reducing CO2 emissions and strengthens the sustainability policy.

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OpConnect is an electric vehicle fueling company that creates and revolutionizes EV charging solutions. The company EV charging solutions are cloud-based and they help in maximizing the transition of transportation to electric. The company has also entered into partnerships with multiple EV charging equipment manufacturers which will allow the company to provide a wide range of charging products for multiple uses, from smart home charging to public charging and heavy duty fleets.
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EcoG designs EcoG starter kit EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is an ultimate and revolutionary product that provides highly integrated and fair priced solutions, UI components, backend connectivity, payment, and applications. It provides affordable solutions as per the requirement of customers. DC charger is fully customized.

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Spark Horizon installs free EV charging stations at high traffic locations, cities and retail properties. Their charging stations are smart grid enabled, cloud managed and sensors equipped. The top EV charging companies has developed a mobile app that allows customers to access 50,000 charging stations via roaming across Europe. The app also provides real-time and verified charging rates at stations. Moreover, the app provides personalisation through previous charging history, favorite lists and specific car data.
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Volta leverages data modeling to map the current and the future, on-site demand. Volta optimizes the number and the combination of Level 2 and DC fasting EV charging station at each location’s charging network to satisfy the community’s needs. Volta’s charging infrastructure can be easily changed at each location to suit the rapid growth of electric vehicles. Volta's charging station also delivers real-time status using emotive and intuitive external lighting. The stations have ben specifically designed for high-traffic locations, and they deliver a seamless charging experience.
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PC-001 is designed by pulse charge, with a power output of 3.3KW  it is a single outlet charger. PC-001 has been supported with many preservation equipment like power and energy monitoring, earth pin detection, and residual current detection, etc. through IEC 60309 this charger can charge four-wheelers, and through the three-pin smart socket, it can charge two-wheelers & three-wheelers.

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Heliox offers various chargers such as fast DC 25 kW mobile, fast DC 60 kW, OC 600 kW, and many others, which are designed for e-buses and e-trucks, allows drivers to charge their vehicles while they are in use, for instance at turnaround points. Heliox OC chargers allow electric buses to charge with different interfaces such as Bus-up and oppcharge.

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Badenova offers generation, transmission, and distribution of electric energy, natural gas, district heating, and water. It designs Wall Box chargers for electric vehicles. This Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is developed keeping in view the specific requirements of the target customers like existing traffic, environmental, and climatic conditions. It provides a complete solution to the customer by selecting strategic locations for setting up charging stations. A charging station is located with a sensible strategy to ensure that it fits in with and is integrated with the power grid. Besides, the company provides advice on fleet conversion and charging management to interested customers and information service on eVehicle for administration and citizens.
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Blue Corner is a part of Octaplus and it designs Wallbox ZE Ready Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) that charges cars quickly, always and everywhere. The blue corner Wallbox ZE Ready EV charging solution is suitable for charging the vehicle at home available with an Ethernet connection, without authentication and metering. It is specifically developed for Renault and makes electric vehicle driving easier than ever for individuals with unique total solutions. Wallbox ZE Ready EV solution consists of the right charging systems for every situation and also provides handy services, customized subscriptions, and a fast-growing network.
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DriWe fast charge is an advanced charging solution designed for commercial vehicles that provide high power up to 50 kW in DC and 43 kW in AC to the electric vehicles. DriWe fast-charge stands out with its functional and robust design and it gives an optimal tool for charging at maximum speed for any type of vehicle as well as offers high safety standards and remote use via Smartphone app known as DriWe Charge Family which is easy to use.
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Easy Charger EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is a single loading platform that is the most extensive charging network designed for vehicles that provide a fast-charging network to drivers so that they can travel with their electric vehicle and plan their trips with charging schedules. The Easy Charger allows easy drive with intuitive and straightforward cloud APP with full control of the status of the load and location of the chargers as well as provides fast-charging up to 50KW in CCS combo and AC type 2.

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Ecotap provides a solar-powered charging station for electrically charging bicycles, scooters, and mobility scooters. Duo Charge Point electric vehicle charging station provided by Ecotap works on three-phase electric power and incorporates car communication technology. It is mainly designed for public places prone to vandalism and specially made for network purposes. Its charging sockets are optimized for the load on each. This electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is made of 4mm steel and can withstand vandalism.
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Endesa is a part of ENEL and it provides public recharging points and single points for the drivers so that they can comfortably travel around the country with their electric vehicles. Endesa EVSE is suitable for different projects that can range from technological areas to the commercial area as well as promoting electric mobility as an instrument for achieving a zero-emission energy model.
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Enercity designs Wallbe Electric vehicle solution equipment that offers a high ease of use as well as safe charging. Wallbe pro can be used flexibly on the wall or on a column and is easy to install, and easily extensible. Wallbe charging station has numerous safety mechanisms to reliably protect users and vehicles from damage. Wallbe pro is delivered with a MID compliant kWh meter as standard and gives consumption data at a glance at all times.

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EVBOX is a part of Engie and the company's Commercial Fast Electric Vehicle Charging Station is suitable for installation at all workplaces and commercial locations. This EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) has a safe and user-friendly style that makes it compatible with any environment and any electric car. With its smart power adjustment abilities and multiple stations, it can be used at a low-cost and in an energy-efficient manner. It is flexible, reliable, and robust and with an output of up to 50 kW, it sets a whole new standard for fast charging stations.

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EV Point EVSE is recharging solution designed for electric car users and businesses which are looking to serve EV charging needs of residents, tenants, employees, and customer as well as it empowers the driver to take charge of their range. EV Point networks provide EV drivers a truly unique level of freedom to drivers to travel the entire destination, whether it is far or near, as well as nothing is out of reach of drivers, and no EV is left behind.

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Evway charging stations are designed for cars and other light vehicles to meet the needs and requirements of all businesses that equip themselves with charging infrastructure for cars and light vehicles. Evway Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) has all Route220's charging stations that are interoperable and equipped with the latest generation communication protocols. Evway charging station is easy to use, reliable with its high connectivity systems.

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The Soprano electric vehicle charging companies station designed by G2 Mobility supports a wide range of vehicles and is suitable in all environments. Its body is robust and made up of electro-galvanized steel. The soprano EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is available in 7KW or 22KW (AC). It is an eco-designed charging station and is suitable for all environments, suitable for all users and can be installed on roads, outdoor parking lots or indoors.

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Smart charging electric vehicle charging station developed by GreenFlux is a cloud-based solution designed for businesses' needs, which makes optimal use of the existing grid and charges more electric vehicles at a faster rate at the same time. This electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) provides endless charging points that are connectable to smart charging, and all the charging points are administrated on the multi-level web portal with different roles & responsibilities in which users can decide on who can access the system.

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