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NEW MOTION B.V. in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - Startups

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2009
  • $11MN to $50MN
Company Overview
Key features of EVSE are as follows:
  • Smart Charging: EVSE allows remotely monitor, control and update users charging infrastructure. Its smart charging solutions minimize infrastructure costs and maximize infrastructure efficiency.
  • Dynamic Power Sharing: The user gets profit from the optimum use of this unique service that enables automatic distribution of the available power of grid connection to all connected charge points, ensuring optimal efficiency.
  • Group Charge App: The user can easily manage corporate private charge points with the group charge app and gives employees insight into the status of all individual charge points installed at a company’s location and facilitates optimal charge point usage.

New Motion B. V. offers users easy to use smart charging solutions. Electric Vehicle Solution Equipment (EVSE) includes data insights, control features and extensive services, the user can ensure charging at business and the home location is both efficient and carefree. The company's EV charging packages include carefree installation and come with a business subscription, giving access to smart services. The charge points are safety certified, weatherproof, online connected and available in many colors. The smart services of EVSE are remote charge point management, regular firmware updates and 24/7 helpdesk.

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