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Key Features of BP Chargemaster’s Homecharge are as follows: -
  • Smart Enabled: BP Chargemaster also developed a free app(Smartcharge), which controls the smart homecharge unit. This app helps in maintaining the Chargemaster's Homecharge unit.
  • Easy installation: Chargemaster's Homecharge unit is very rapid & easy to install. It is installed by companies trusted and expert specialists.
  • Data Usage: Users can easily monitor historic information usage and see detailed information or reports with access to ChargeVision.

BP Chargemaster Homecharge is designed by Chargemaster. Smart homecharge units are fast, secure, and a flexible way to charge an electric vehicle at home. It can be installed within a few days by electricians. It offers smart charging by using a website control smart homecharge unit. Users can monitor energy usage, cost, and historic data also.

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#1 Breadth and Depth of Offerings / Range of EVSE Products
#2 Breadth and Depth of Offerings / Depth of EVSE Products
#3 Depth of EVSE Products / Between 1 to 2
#4 New Product Developments and Innovations - Last 3 Years / 1 - 2
#5 R&D Expenditure as a % of the Overall Revenue / 2%-5%