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China Jushi Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of finished fibreglass products. Jushi Group manufactures electronic yarns and fabrics in over 100 product categories and up to 1,000 specifications, as well as glass fiber rovings, chopped strands, continuous mats, stitched combo mats, powder and emulsion chopped strand mats, and woven rovings. . The company possesses proprietary core technologies in glass fiber formulation, massive glass fiber furnaces and other sectors. Request China Jushi Co. Pricing to get more information.


China Jushi offers its products for a wide array of applications including FRP profiles, pipelines, pressure vessels, chemical tanks, sanitary equipment, electrical equipment, environment protection equipment, wind energy equipment, boat hulls, vehicle parts, and sporting goods. 

Some of the composite solutions offered by China Jushi include:

  • High Performance Hybrid Fibers
  • Fiberglass Mats
  • Fiberglass Products for Thermoplastics
  • Fiberglass Products for Pipes


Pricing has not been disclosed by the vendor. However, it is in line with the competitors in the market. Users can contact the vendor for getting more details & competitive pricing.


To know better about China Jushi, the users can have a look at a website and go through the various features offered about it. For more information and demo, the users can request the website and get across the demo soon.

  • Good impregnation
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Excellent fatigue resistance
  • Recyclable and environment friendly
  • High tensile strength
  • Good wet-through and fast wet-out in resins
  • Excellent Hydrolysis Resistance
  • Super high impact properties
  • +13
    Abrasion resistance
  • +13
    Aerospace and Defense
  • +11
    Boron Fiber
  • +7
    Carbon Fiber
  • +9
    Compression Molding Process
  • +8
    Construction & Infrastructure
  • +11
    Design Flexibility
  • +9
    Electrical and Electronics
  • +12
    Fatigue Resistance
  • +6
    Filament Winding Process
  • +8
  • +6
    Glass Fiber
  • +5
    High Strength
  • +7
    Injection Molding Process
  • +5
    Layup Process
  • +6
    Non Corrosiveness
  • +12
  • +8
  • +8
    Pultrusion Process
  • +12
    Thermal Stability
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