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Creative Biogene is a scientific research client service and solution provider with a global reach. For gene delivery and gene knockdown services, the company develops, manufactures, and purifies recombinant adenoviruses, adeno-associated virus (AAV), and lentivirus. Its gene delivery and gene knockdown services meet the complete range of biotechnology requirements for early drug discovery and development.

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Creative Biogene is a genomics and proteomics product and service supplier for university and governmental research organizations, as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, based in the United States. It supplies customers in the life science research industry with customized molecular biology reagents and skilled technical services. Enzyme, PCR, vector, transfection reagent, cDNA, and shRNA technologies, as well as transfected stable cell lines, are all part of the company's extensive product portfolio.


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The CRISPR-Cas9 system is adaptable, simple, selective, and low cytotoxic, requiring just one Cas9 endonuclease to complete the reaction.

Microbe genome editing with CRISPR offers a quick turnaround time and a good history in creating CRISPR methods for novel microorganisms.

Genes required for several biological processes are identified by CRISRP knockout screening. It aids in the discovery of new functions for known genes. This screening is effective at identifying possible targets for novel drugs by combining diverse chemicals.

Other than totally knocking out a gene, CRISPRi screening is used to explore its function by downregulating its expression and function. This approach is useful for evaluating the function of genes that cause death when knocked out.

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    Agrigenomics organizations
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    Food organization
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    Hospitals and Clinics
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    Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies
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    Agriculture and Animal Research
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    DNA & RNA Purification Kits
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    Drug Discovery and Development
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    Food industry applications
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    Genome editing
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    PCR kits
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    Personalised Medicine
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    Sequencing Kits
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    Forensic organization
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    Isolation Kits
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