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Eurofins Scientific provides entire genomic solutions for the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, biotechnological, and research markets around the world, including DNA sequencing, genotyping, DNA synthesis products, and bioinformatics services. Its one-of-a-kind custom-based analytical testing services serve the areas of analysis, research, and development throughout the medication development and manufacturing process.

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Eurofins Scientific is a global life sciences firm that offers a diverse range of analytical testing services to a variety of industries and governments, including the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, agriscience, and consumer products industries. Eurofins Genomics is a global leader in DNA sequencing, genotyping, DNA synthesis products, and bioinformatics services for the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, food, agriculture, biotechnology, and research industries.


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Standard Sequencing Services

  • Tube is priced at $ 7.95
  • No Barcode Handling fee (tubes) is priced at $ 2.50
  • 96-well Plate (1-9 plates) is priced at $ 3.20
  • ShortSeq Plate (Premix Samples only) - formerly Express Plates is priced at $ 240/plate ($ 2.50/read for 96 samples)
  • Ready2Load Plate (Post 'BigDye reaction' Samples) is priced at $96/plate ($ 1.00/read for 96 samples)

SimpleSeqTM Sequencing Service

  • SimpleSeqTM Kit (96 reactions included) is priced at $ 496.00/Kit ($5.16/read)
  • SimpleSeqTM Kit Premixed - 96 rxns is priced at $ 432.00/Kit ($4.50/ read)
  • Power Read Upgrade for SimpleSeqTM sequencing service is priced at $ 2.50/Read
  • FlexReads (formerly, reactivation fees for SimpleSeqTM tubes) is priced at $ 5.00/read)
  • FlexPacks (all sizes) is priced at $ 5.00/read

Prepaid Services for Samples in Plates

  • Prepaid PlateSeq for purified DNA is priced at $ 250
  • Prepaid PlateSeq for crude PCR Product is priced at $ 312

Other Services

  • Plasmid Prep or PCR Cleanup- Samples in Tubes is priced at $ 5.00
  • Plasmid Prep - Samples in Plate is priced at $ 230/plate
  • PCR Cleanup - Samples in Plateis priced at $ 180/plate


Without a reference sequence, Eurofins De Novo sequencing services may sequence unknown genomes and re-sequence genomes. If the genome has accumulated substantial genomic re-arrangements or InDels, the de novo method is applied.

When a solid reference sequence is available, Eurofins Re-Sequencing of Genomes is ideal. For cost-effectiveness, short read technology is used for sequencing.

The Eurofins Small RNA Sequencing method identifies new small RNAs or miRNA target compounds. It can analyze the expression of tiny RNA in a variety of samples.

INVIEW Resequencing by Eurofins is suitable for all genomes up to 180 Mb in size. Genetic variants, single-base mutations, insertions, and deletions can all be detected.

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