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Macrogen specializes in providing customized transgenic and other biological research services. The company is a pioneer in precision medicine and biotechnology, offering a variety of high-quality DNA sequencing services (NGS, CES), COVID-19 test kits and on-site testing labs, as well as personal health services based on personal genome sequencing and gut microbiome testing. In 153 countries, Macrogen serves over 18,000 customers from academic research and industry.

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Macrogen Inc. is a public biotechnology business established in Korea that specializes in customized transgenic and other biomedical research services. The company is divided into four divisions: deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequencing, DNA chips, transgenic and knockout mouse divisions, and oligonucleotide DNA divisions. The company's DNA sequencing business does genome sequencing and analysis. The company's DNA chips section creates products like Illumina chips, MacArray chips, and customized chips. Gene engineering services are available through the company's transgenic and knockout mouse division. Its oligonucleotide DNA section provides manufacturing services for oligonucleotide DNA.


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Detailed pricing for Macrogen has not been disclosed, but it is in line with leading competitors in the market. Pricing can be requested by contacting the support department and discussing your requirements in detail.


Macrogen's high-quality WGS service is the most complete tool for discovering genetic abnormalities such as SNPs, indels, CNV, and structural variations (SVs).

Macrogen Targeted sequencing examines a specific set of genes and can enhance efficiency by orders of magnitude over whole-genome and whole-exome sequencing. This increased efficiency not only saves time and computational power, but also allows for a very high depth of coverage analysis of the specified regions. Increased sequencing depth improves accuracy and aids in the detection of uncommon mutations with low variant allele frequency (VAF).

A transcriptome is a list of all RNA transcripts found in a given sample. The sequence of the DNA from which they were transcribed determines the structure of RNA molecules. Researchers can use RNA seq to identify whether specific genes are expressed, at what rate, and what their exact sequences are by analyzing the transcriptome.

Macrogen Epigenome sequencing aids in the understanding of the complicated relationship between external environmental variables and gene expression. The most extensively researched epigenetic regulatory mechanisms for gene transcription are DNA methylation and DNA–histone interactions, and these processes may be easily investigated with next-generation sequencing (NGS).

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