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New England Biolabs (NEB) is a global pioneer in the development, commercialization, and discovery of genomic research reagents. The company is dedicated to creating cutting-edge products in the biological sciences. NEB is concentrating on fortifying collaborations that will allow new technologies to reach crucial commercial sectors, such as the development of molecular diagnostics.

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New England Biolabs manufactures and distributes recombinant and native enzyme reagents for biomedical research, as well as genome editing, synthetic biology, and next-generation sequencing solutions. Products relating to PCR, gene expression, sample preparation for next-generation sequencing, synthetic biology, glycobiology, epigenetics, and RNA analysis can be found in the company's ever-expanding catalog.


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NEBs CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing products –

M0646T EnGen® Spy Cas9 NLS - 400 pmol is priced at $180.66

M0386S EnGen® Cas9 S. pyogenes - 70 pmol is priced at $60

M0650S EnGen® Spy Cas9 Nickase - 70 pmol is priced at $72

M0652S EnGen®Spy dCas9 (SNAP-tag®) - 70 pmol is priced at $72

E3322V EnGen® sgRNA Synthesis Kit S. pyogenes - 10 rxns is priced at $228


The NEBNext DNA and RNA Library Prep Kits are designed and quality controlled to increase yields and library diversity when employing a wide range of input amounts from a wide range of sample types.

The NGS Sample Prep NEBNext End Repair Module is designed to transform 1 g-5 g of fragmented DNA into blunt-ended DNA with 5′ phosphates and 3′-hydroxyls.

Reagents for detecting on-target genome editing events are included in the EnGen Mutation Detection Kit. It comes with a Control Template and Primer Mix to serve as a check for the PCR reaction and T7 Endonuclease I digestion.

The NEBNext Fast DNA Library Prep Set for Ion Torrent allows library prep using pre-sheared DNA in a streamlined, high-performance procedure. It allows for a quick and simple workflow in under two hours with very little hands-on time.

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