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QIAGEN provides insight into solutions for molecular diagnostics and life sciences. It is a sample technology provider for the academic research sector. Sample technologies from the company are used to collect tissue, fluids, and other cellular components, as well as stabilize, extract, and purify various molecules of interest like DNA, RNA, and proteins. Sample and test technologies, customized automation solutions, and a bioinformatics analysis portfolio are all part of QIAGEN's current product portfolio.

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QIAGEN N.V. is a German company that develops molecular sample and assay technologies for molecular diagnostics, application testing, academic research, and pharmaceutical development. More than 500 items and 2,000 patents and licenses are included in the company's portfolio. It has over 500,000 consumers all around the world who are looking for answers in the basic elements of life - DNA, RNA, and proteins.


Users can refer to the company website for a demo https://www.qiagen.com/us/knowledge-and-support/knowledge-hub/explainer-videos-and-demos/


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In biomarker research, gene expression studies, viral epidemiology, and disease surveillance, as well as comprehensive genomic profiling to identify variants implicated in cancer and other diseases, QIAGEN Next-generation sequencing (NGS) provides unprecedented insights for the genome and transcriptome.

The solution will automate and speed up your library preparations while also providing greater consistency between runs, fewer batch processing problems, and fewer re-runs, as well as considerable time and cost savings.

QIAGEN NGS technology helps you find more biology solutions quickly and accurately, even for the most difficult samples. Faster turnaround times are achieved through the use of streamlined and optimized workflows.

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