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Source BioScience is a company established in the United Kingdom that specializes in DNA sequencing, genomic services, bioinformatic studies, and a wide range of genomic reagents and antibodies. Healthcare diagnostic services, Genomics, Stability storage solutions, COVID-19 Antigen PCR Testing, Blood & Serology Serology, and Life Science goods are among the markets served by the company.

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Source BioScience offers a comprehensive portfolio of genomic services, on a variety of prominent platforms. Its capabilities include Sanger sequencing, Next-generation sequencing, Microarray analysis, Genotyping, and Bioinformatics. The company supports your research from RNA/DNA extraction, to analysis and interpretation of your data. Source BioScience's extensive product portfolio includes over 20 million clones and over 100,000 antibodies, plus a wide range of research reagents for use in applications such as cell culture, immunology, nucleic acid analysis, cloning, gene expression, and regulation.


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Detailed pricing for Source Genomics has not been disclosed, but it is in line with leading competitors in the market. Pricing can be requested by connecting with a single sign-in.  It gives you access to downloads, important information, and support by signing in on any device.


Sanger sequencing is a method of determining the order of events in fast turnaround times for high-quality sequencing are provided by the SpeedREAD service.

Through SpeedREAD, the Sanger Sequencing Service provides up to 1,400bp sequencing reads and automated data distribution.

For PCR products delivered at 10ng/ul, the Sanger Sequencing service produces high-quality data. The sequencing data is collected and delivered via the speedREAD service within 12 hours of receiving the sample.

Source BioScience Whole exome sequencing (WES) focuses on the protein-coding portions of the genome and is far more cost-effective than sequencing the entire genome because it only involves sequencing of 1-2 percent of the genome.

Source BioScience total RNA sequencing entails analyzing all of the RNA in a sample. By sequencing total RNA, researchers may examine not just protein-coding messenger RNA, but also non-coding RNA transcripts that may be involved in gene regulation and interference.

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    Hospitals and Clinics
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    Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies
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    Agriculture and Animal Research
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    DNA & RNA Purification Kits
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    DNA & RNA Purification Systems
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    Genome editing
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    Microarray scanner
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    Personalised Medicine
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    Sequencing Kits
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    Sequencing systems
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