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Segger Microcontroller offers professional development and production solutions for the embedded market. The product range includes RTOS & embedded software, Debug & trace probes, and other software tools. Segger embedded systems are highly efficient and reliable solutions. These solutions finds applications in safety critical devices, IoT, networking, consumer electronics, industrial controls, automotive, medical devices, avionics.

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Segger embedded systems offers embedded studio which is the complete solution for all embedded requirements. Segger embedded systems provides stability and continuation in workflow for any process. It is a professional IDE solution for embedded C/C++ programming.

Segger Pricing

Segger Pricing is in line with leading competitors in the Embedded Systems market. Below is the list of products with Segger Pricing:

embOS-SSL- Single Developer Source Code License (Unlimited no. of projects, no royalties, 12 months free updates/support) – EUR 4,980

embOS-SOL- Single Developer Object Code License(Unlimited no. of projects, no royalties, 12 months free updates/support)- EUR 2,490

embOS-SP-SCL- Single Product Source Code License(One product, no royalties, 12 months free updates/support) – EUR 4,980

embOS-SP-OCL- Single Product Object Code License (One product, no royalties, 12 months free updates/support) - EUR 2,490

embOS-MPU-SP-SCL - Single Product Source Code License (One product, no royalties, 12 months free updates/support) – EUR 9,960

For more details on Segger Pricing contact Segger embedded systems.

Segger Demo

Segger embedded systems comes with various demos available on the youtube as well as on website. Users can understand the software functionalities in detail with these videos. For more details users can contact the vendor.


  1. The RTOS and embedded software offered by the company is certified for functional safety according to IEC 61508 SIL 3 and IEC 62304 Class C.
  2. It is high performing RTOS that is used for consuming least memory in RAM as well as ROM.
  3. The system supports all core and compiler. They are already supported by around 80 embOS ports with more than 500 board support packages.


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