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Control4 Smart Home OS 3
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Control4 Smart Home OS 3 USP

Control4 Smart Operating System (OS) connects virtually all of the technology in your home. Control4 Smart Home OS 3 enables you and your family to control almost every device and system in the house in an easy way and is fun to use. It offers all-new favorites with unique smart home functionalities.

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Control4 allows you to put your most frequently used icons on the main “dashboard” screen. Anything across your entire home can be easily added to the top so those icons are ahead and center on your phone, touchscreen, or Neeo smart remote control whenever you need them. There are fewer touches and fewer taps with Control4 Smart Home OS 3.

Control4 Smart Home OS 3 Pricing

Control4 Smart Home OS 3 Pricing starts at $100 per year and provides you with remote access to your system from anywhere. For the best Control4 Smart Home OS 3 Pricing plans, contact the vendor.

The following key features are offered-

At-a-glance views of your entire home- Control4 combines devices from across the entire house into a single screen so that you can promptly view the status of your security system, smart door locks, lights throughout the home—and take instant control. OS 3 icons visually signify individual states for connected devices, so you can immediately see whether a door is locked, the fan is on, or the garage is open.

Quick and clear control- OS 3 allows you to elevate your favorite rooms and quickly swipe between them. It offers larger icons and text is more legible. The Comfort screen also provides weather details and permits you to adjust the temperature with a single tap. With the all-new Active Media Bar, you can also have a clear view of what’s playing around the house.

Whole-home entertainment- Provides sessions that show you the music or video playing in any room throughout the home. It allows you to easily adjust the volume, add or remove rooms, or turn it all off.


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Control4 Smart Home OS 3
63 Buyers Negotiating
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