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Cheetah3D 7
  • Chicago, Illinois, US
  • 1998

Cheetah3D 7 in 3D Animation Software

Cheetah3D 7 Overview

Cheetah3D is a lean, fast, and elegant 3D modeling, rendering, and animation package with an easy learning curve. It simplifies the world of computer-generated imaging, enabling creation of 3D artwork for the next iPhone game or to make a first animated character. Cheetah3D 7 has large sections of its core completely rewritten and modernized, laying the foundation for subsequent point releases and making the overall program leaner and faster. Cheetah3D v7.0 has been re-architected at a foundational level, likely tapping into Apple’s latest graphics APIs, such as Metal. An updated UI reflects internal “leaning” of the code base with the major new feature being its new unbiased renderer.

General Features
  • Written from the ground-up in Cocoa!
  • Universal Binary application
  • 64-bit version for Intel Macs
  • Full support of Retina displays
  • Highly intuitive, thoroughly Macintosh-like user interface
  • OpenGL preview
  • Customisable UI layout
  • Almost all parameters can be animated
  • Polygons can have any number of edges (ngons)
  • Full set of object, polygon and point selection tools
  • Full transformation hierarchy
  • Additional features can be assigned to objects using tags
  • Intuitive editors for objects, materials and properties
  • Up to 16 different materials per mesh
  • A Fully integrated, multi-threaded renderer
  • Drag and drop materials onto your polygon selections
  • Link external 3D files into the scene
  • Multi object selection
  • Character animation tools
  • Snapping
  • Customisable hot keys
  • Customisable mouse controls
  • Customisable toolbar

Cheetah3D 7 USP

Cheetah3D provides a powerful and easy tool to learn 3D modeling, rendering and animation software which was developed especially for Mac. It can create 3D artwork for iPhone game and also make first animated character. The user can create full set of polygon, subdivision surface and spline modeling tools. Cheetah3D makes modeling in 3D a breeze for new and experienced users alike.

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Cheetah3D 7 strengths and weaknesses

  • 3d animation
  • 3dModelling
  • 3d Rendering
  • Digital Painting
  • Dynamics and Effects
  • Motion Graphics
  • Pipeline Integration
  • Sculpting
  • Shading
  • Texturing
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Rendering
  • Education & Training
  • Other Softwares
  • Dedicated Account Manager (DAM)
  • Product Demos
  • Proof of Concept
  • Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
  • Per User / Device Basis
  • Rigging
  • Simulation
  • Other Software features offered
  • Linux
  • Others(AmigaOS, AROS, MorpOS, FreeBSD, Android)
  • Windows
  • On-Site Support
  • Remote Support
  • Consulting Services
  • Integration & Deployment
  • Special Effects
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Others, please specify- 3D Animation software Services
  • Directly
  • Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
  • Hosted / On-Cloud
  • Full Time Equivalent
  • Subscription / Licensing
  • Any other frequency of support services
  • Frequency of Support Services - Annually
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Cheetah3D 7 Reviews

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“Overall a good animation software"

Simple interface and easy to use remains the major strengths of this software. Camera is attractive and capable of import and export of objects. Limited to only mac users and is a bit expensive. Useful for animators, not beginners.

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Cheetah3D 7 Presence in 3D Animation Software
Cheetah3D is a computer graphics program for 3D modelling, animation and rendering. It is written in Cocoa for MacOS. The program is aimed at beginning and amateur 3D artists. It offers a number of medium and high-end features in conjunction with an intuitive user interface. Cheetah 3D still an excellent software application to do some easy tasks, one of the best feature of Cheetah 3D is the user interface and how simple is to make standard scenes and animations with these tools. It is really instinctive and with high efficiency. The most noticeable change in v7.3 is probably the support of the macOS Mojave Dark Mode and the biggest upgrade ever was the release of Cheetah3D 7.0.

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