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  • 2015

INTERVOKE in 3D Animation Software


Intervoke leverages 3D animation to create visual content and makes use of 3D presentation to render medical device information according to the client’s requirements. It is a provider of end-to-end solutions that bring complex concepts to life using the latest tools and technologies. Its portfolio includes 3D Animation and Visual Effects, VR/AR, Interactive Software, and LMS Integration. ‘The Physiology of the Eye’ is an application developed by Intervoke that teaches professionals across skill levels the basic anatomy of the eye


Intervoke combines VR training applications for the healthcare & life sciences industry. It provides a comprehensive digital education studio with a focus on custom interactive app development, immersive educational games, and engaging 3D animation. Intervoke is a developer of interactive 3D content for software applications and practical medical programs. The company also specializes in optimized content delivery and making use of 3D presentations to interpret medical device information. The high resolution and photorealistic 3D models created by Intervoke work on multiple platforms while maintaining high visual quality. Some of Intervoke’s other features include high-quality UI, 3D models, graphics, animations, LMS Integration, and game mechanics rendered for virtual reality.

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