Maya 3D Animation Software

Maya 3D animation software provide a complete creative feature set for 3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, interpretation, and compositing on a highly extensible production platform. Maya offers next-generation display technology, accelerated modeling workflows, and tools to handle complex data. It is used to create interactive 3D applications, including video games, animated films, TV series, or visual effects. It is also used to generate 3D assets for use in films, television, game development, and architecture.

New additions to the Maya software includes:

UV editor workflow

The UV editor UI got a face lift. Now it can view and edit UV texture coordinates within the editing workspace. It can also compare a 3D object to its 2D texture in the UV editor. Also included are better tools for improved function.

Interactive Grooming for Clump Modifier

The generating characters just got more realistic in Maya. The clump modifier allows to create more natural looking fur and hair. It eliminates flow uniformity. And, it gives the option to create secondary clumps or other hair effects.

Live Link for After Effect

It can make changes in real time with After Effect. The live link allows to see both scenes at the same time. And, when edit in Maya it will reflect the effects in real time in After Effects.

More MASH nodes

Maya delivers more MASH nodes than other software. Now it can go into World mode and arrange things in natural clusters. This is a great tool for environmental effects like flower bunches around trees. Maya added 16 more MASH nodes in addition to the new World mode. It can also use nodes like Place that allows for point placements in different parts of a scene. This is a great tool for stage setting.

Additional Maya features are outlined in a brief overview below.

  • Motion graphics
  • 3D Type
  • It changes options of 3D text, this is the feature to use. It can control the appearance and behavior of fonts and text with a click of the mouse.

Vector Graphics Workflow Improvements

Control your options when you use SVG files in Maya. Change attributes when you import or use the copy and paste function.

Motion Graphics toolset

The toolset includes the SVG Tool, Type Tool, and MASH Toolkit. You can create different, unique animations for broadcasting and advertising. Additionally, small changes were made for improved productivity.

3D Animation

Parallel Rig Evaluation

A new Evaluation Manager increases the efficiency of playback and manipulation of character rigs. This new parallel evaluation system uses multiple available computing systems. This is an upgrade from the previous single system.

Geodesic Voxel Binding

Next, create better bound characters faster. Geodesic voxel binding works with meshes that contain irregular or multiple connected pieces. The algorithm for binding skin to the skeleton works with less problems and fuss.


Standard Animation Tools

Additionally, It get everything an animator needs in their toolbox. This includes: procedural, keyframe, and scripted animation.

Time Editor

It can create animation edits without destroying the original work. Simply clip and create the edit. This works in a non-linear fashion. So, it frees you up to work on different aspects of the world space.

Shape Authoring Workflow

This provides different tools for shape deformation tasks like facial expressions. It may also correct deformations by blending shapes on a skinned character.

3D Modeling

Enhanced Symmetry Modeling

Optimized and improved tools for symmetry and mirror enhancement make edits easier.

Sculpting Toolset Redone

It provides an intuitive shaping. Artists can now create models more efficiently. And, Maya has done away with redundant tools.

Polygon Modeling

It create 3D models with geometric shapes. This software provide the tools to make 3D models that are commonly used in interactive games, film, and the internet.

OpenSubdiv support

Developed by Pixar, this open-source method of subdivision work with model with greater speed and accuracy.

Dynamics and Effects

Deep Adaptive Fluid Simulation

This feature allows to simulate and control spatial adaptivity. Its high-level details are exactly where has to be.

XGen Experience Improved

Maya increased accuracy with volumetric 3D selection. This also increases manipulation of the object.


It create simulated environmental effects like smoke, gas, and mist using Bifrost aero. Additionally, It can also create photorealistic liquids using the procedural effects platform in Bifrost. And, Bifrost’s ocean simulation system allows to create waves, ripples, and other realistic ocean surfaces.

Bullet Physics

The Bullet plug-in allows to render kinematic renderings. These types of animations are commonly used for film and animation. But, these types of renderings also have use in game engine stage setting and simulations.


It can use nCloth beyond realistic cloth simulation. It can also use it for the following surfaces: shattering surfaces, inflating balloons, and deformable objects.

3D Rendering and Shading

Shading nodes

Shading complex scenes has never been easier with additional nodes. A new noise node has been added, as well as new math and utility nodes.

Hypershade Revamped

Hypershade has a new look. It is also more artist friendly. A new UI and better workflow allows for better shading optimization by the user.

Arnold Integrated in Maya

View scene changes in real time using Arnold RenderView.

Pipeline Integration

Scripting and API

To get the most out of Maya program, utilize scripting. It can create Maya scripts. and write plug-ins.

Tools for Data and Scene Management

Keep track of large data sets. Specialized workflows and tools help manage heavy scenes. It can also organize objects and add notes.

Scene Assembly Tools

Lastly, if can create, edit, or view complex scenes without slowing down workflow. It can build a scene with Scene Assembly. And, it accelerates scene loading time without the problems when working with large data sets.


Autodesk Maya is a professional software for 3D modeling, animation and rendering in one comprehensive and very influential package. Autodesk Maya offers a large number of objects and effects to work on projects. Autodesk Maya is based on an open architecture where all work can be scripted or programmed using a complete API (Application Programming Interface) or one of two embedded scripting languages, the Maya Embedded Language (MEL) or Python. This combination of openness combined with industry standard 3D visual effects, computer graphics, and character animation tools is more than enough for professional film, television, game development, and design projects. Although beginners will be completely lost at the beginning, the Autodesk Maya interface is well prepared for such a huge application and different elements such as dynamics, animation or polygons are directly accessible via tabs. Within these are advanced editing features in fields like rendering, animation and relationships. Finally, the Timeline is at the bottom of the interface and allows to animate and control the evolution of modeling project. 


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  • Product Maturity / Software / 3D Animation
    Animated Position
    Autodesk Maya holds back the animated Position Strength based on point IDs. It has an impact when Position Strength is keyframed. Show More
  • Product Maturity / Software Features / Other Software featur...
    Position Delay
    Autodesk Maya controls the point IDs that are required for Position Delay. It permits this delays points via random point IDs, whereas restricting its animates in numerical order. Show More
  • Product Maturity / Support and Services / Level of Support
    Strength Map
    Autodesk Maya can regulate the axis along which the Strength Map is projected. Show More
  • Product Maturity / End-Users / Modeler
    Autodesk Maya can adjusts the randomization of any Randomize Delay attributes. Show More
  • Product Maturity / End-Users / Digital Painter
    Shows Object
    Autodesk Maya shows the object which is used to interactively place the Strength Map in the scene. It can right-click the field to make a new helper object (a plane). Show More
  • Product Maturity / Software Features
    3d animation
  • Product Maturity / Software Features
  • Product Maturity / Software Features
    3d Rendering
  • Product Maturity / Software Features
    Digital Painting
  • Product Maturity / Software Features
    Dynamics and Effects
  • Product Maturity / Software Features
    Motion Graphics
  • Product Maturity / Software Features
    Pipeline Integration
  • Product Maturity / Software Features
  • Product Maturity / Software Features
  • Product Maturity / Software Features
  • Product Maturity / Software Features
    Other Software features offered
  • Product Maturity / Number of Supported Platforms/OS
  • Product Maturity / Number of Supported Platforms/OS
    Mac OS X
  • Product Maturity / Number of Supported Platforms/OS
  • Product Maturity / Medium of Delivery of Support Services
    Remote Support
  • Product Maturity / Software Features / Dynamics and Effects
    Limited features
    Autodesk Maya software has a very limited 3D imagination unlike other software’s. Show More
  • Product Maturity / Services offered / Integration & Deployme...
    Complicated to work
    Autodesk Maya is bit complicated to work with. Being an Autodesk product, the software has a compatibility issue to integrate with Autodesk software. Show More
  • Product Maturity / Mode of Delivery / Per User / Device Basi...
    Austodesk Maya comes with a subscriptions price of $1470/per year which is very expensive in comparison to other software. Show More
  • Product Maturity / Support and Services
    Level of Support
  • Product Maturity / Software Features
  • Product Maturity / Software Features
  • Product Maturity / Number of Supported Platforms/OS
    Others(AmigaOS, AROS, MorpOS, FreeBSD, Android)
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    On-Site Support
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    3D Modeling
  • Product Maturity / Software
    Other Softwares
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    Special Effects
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    Dedicated Account Manager (DAM)
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    Hosted / On-Cloud
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  • Product Maturity / Mode of Delivery
    Full Time Equivalent
  • Product Maturity / Mode of Delivery
    Per User / Device Basis
  • Product Maturity / Frequency of Support Services
    Any other frequency of support services
  • Product Maturity / Frequency of Support Services
    Frequency of Support Services - Annually
  • Product Maturity / Frequency of Support Services
    Frequency of Support Services - Bi-Annually
  • Product Maturity / Frequency of Support Services
    Frequency of Support Services - Monthly
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    Dynamics and Effects

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AUTODESK Maya Presence in 3D Animation Software

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Business Analyst,Company Name Classified
Business Analyst, Company Name Classified
#1 in 3D Animation Software 6 Reviews

“Learn and Use"

If you think about 3D animation the first software that comes to mind is Autodesk Maya. One can easily learn the tool from the tutorials and guide provided by the software.
Chief Product Officer,Company Name Classified
Chief Product Officer, Company Name Classified
#1 in 3D Animation Software 6 Reviews

“Best Tool"

Maya 3D animation tool is one of the best tool to convert the ideas into reality. If you learn Maya the other 3D animation tools will be very easy to learn.
Head - Product Management,Buyer Healthcare
Head - Product Management, Buyer Healthcare
#1 in 3D Animation Software 6 Reviews

“New Features"

New features of Maya 2017 motion graphics are amazing along with that it is user friendly and easy to learn. It comes with multiple tool options which makes the software more exciting.
Vice President,Company Name Classified
Vice President, Company Name Classified
#1 in 3D Animation Software 6 Reviews

“Complete Package"

Austodesk Maya is an all in one 3D animation software. It has all the necessary features that is needed starting from creating a model, rigging, animation, texturing, fur, lighting and rendering.
Global Head - Service and Product Development,Company Name Classified
Global Head - Service and Product Development, Company Name Classified
#1 in 3D Animation Software 6 Reviews

“Highly priced, but totally worth it"

(*)(*)(*)(*)( )4
When you learn to work on Maya, you will be able to work on any 3D animation software. Animation, live integration, and modelling are just some of the features it offers. That too in an easy to learn format. Plus, you can integrate it with Autodesk software like mudbox. What I don’t like much about this software is its Xgen plugin. For the high price that you pay for it, this plugin could have been better. What I would suggest to new users is that you focus on one program at a time within this software. That will help greatly.
Other,Company Name Classified
Other, Company Name Classified
#1 in 3D Animation Software 6 Reviews

“Awesome 3D software"

This software has an amazing render quality, especially for use with a tricaster system. Also, its bookmark system helps us change camera angles for later, which is a great bonus! That being said, it can be a little challenging to learn it and understand all its features well. So I’d suggest that you go through as many tutorials as you can before you start using it. Plus, the price you’ll pay for it is not low, so it makes sense to exploit it to the fullest.