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  • Martigny, Valais, Switzerland
  • 2008

MOKA STUDIO in 3D Animation Software


Moka Studio is a developer of 3D animation software such as Maya Autodesk and Cinema 4D. Moksktech is Moka Studio’s easy-to-use designing solution for animation at the stroke of a pen. Users of Moksktech can bypass rig controllers and take direct control of poses using the skeleton. With Moksktech, 3D animation professionals can complete complex projects quickly without having to compromise on quality.


Moka Studio is a provider of 3D animation solutions. It can animate 3D models with precision in real time and is a developer of innovative solutions for 3D character animation. Moka Studio allows 3D animators to focus on their creative talent without having to worry about technological limitations. NumIK, a solution by Moka Studio, has the capacity to animate any type of 3D character swiftly and easily. NumIK is able to replicate complicated human movements smoothly.

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