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  • Aliso Viejo, California, USA
  • 1982
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SMITH MICRO SOFTWARE Shade3D in 3D Animation Software


Smith Micro is a developer of cutting-edge yet affordable software with applications in graphics illustration and animation. It is the creator of Poser, a solution for 3D Figure Animation and Design; Moho, a comprehensive 2D animation solution; MotionArtist, an intuitive service for comic animation and presentation design; and Rebelle 3, an application for painting hyper-realistic digital images. Smith Micro’s clients include major entertainment studios, professional artists, and world-renowned graphics professionals, who rely on its solutions to create television shows, movies, TV advertising, 3D gaming, internet media content, and visual designs.


Smith Micro has a comprehensive portfolio of 2D/3D graphics and visual messaging products for creating and sharing rich content. It leverages the power of interactive 3D figure design in order to portray human diversity, form, and expression.  Poser Pro 11 by Smith Micro is a proven solution for creating animation and art with 3D characters. It renders photorealistic images and videos for print, web, and film projects. Through Poser Pro 11, users can easily design and animate 3D human figures. Creation can range from cartoon images to photorealistic content.

  • Product Maturity / End-Users / Game Designer
    Enable human form
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  • Product Maturity / End-Users / Game Designer
    Figure Design
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  • 3d animation
  • 3dModelling
  • 3d Rendering
  • Dynamics and Effects
  • Motion Graphics
  • Shading
  • Texturing
  • Remote Support
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Rendering
  • Education & Training
  • Special Effects
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Directly
  • Obsolete Interface
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  • Slow UI
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  • Digital Painting
  • Pipeline Integration
  • Rigging
  • Sculpting
  • Simulation
  • Other Software features offered
  • Linux
  • Others(AmigaOS, AROS, MorpOS, FreeBSD, Android)
  • On-Site Support
  • Consulting Services
  • Integration & Deployment
  • Other Softwares
  • Others, please specify- 3D Animation software Services
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General Manager,Company Name Classified
General Manager, Company Name Classified
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“Compatible for beginners t"

The Poser software is intuitive and it doesn’t need any prior knowledge to use it. It is compatible for beginners to learn and use it. The different cameras in the program are very supportive to have a better control over it. It can build complex human positions very easily.
Chief Product Officer,Company Name Classified
Chief Product Officer, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)(*)( )4

“Impressive functions"

I am impressed by the functions of the of the Poser and the way it works. It is very easy and simple to work. It doesn’t require a character to model it from scratch. It is very time efficient.
Head - Product Management,Buyer Healthcare
Head - Product Management, Buyer Healthcare
(*)(*)(*)( )( )3

“Inexpensive Software"

The best thing that I like about the software was it is very easy and simple to use. If you compare the cost of the software with other vendors, it is inexpensive. It is cheaper than Autodesk.
Business Analyst,Company Name Classified
Business Analyst, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)( )( )3

“Realistic animations"

I can create amazing, realistic animations without any repetitive work involved in animating figures. I am really impressed by the automatic keyframe creation, non-linear animation and lip syncing which makes animation process for easy.
Vice President,Company Name Classified
Vice President, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)( )( )3

“Dynamic pops and bullet physics"

I really liked the dynamic pops and bullet physics which move with figure and natural feelings to animations. It is perfect for users working in industrial and architectural design, pre-visualization, theatrical set design, gaming prototype development, storyboarding, illustration and animation. PoserFusion saves time and resources by enabling to add 3D Poser characters to any project.
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SMITH MICRO SOFTWARE Poser Presence in 3D Animation Software
Smith Micro (NASDAQ: SMSI) creates proven software solutions for a mobile world. In addition to wireless solutions, we create industry-leading graphics software for animators, illustrators, graphic designers and students. These products help to fuel the market with rich, animated cartoons, films and motion comics, while wireless solutions facilitate convenient content consumption by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the networks, devices and apps that enable ‘mobile-first’ global society. The wireless solutions improve the Quality of Experience for mobile users through connectivity optimization, policy-on-device control and analytics-driven insights. These solutions also enable enterprises, brands and communication service providers to engage with their subscribers in personalized, more valuable ways.


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