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Storyboard Pro 6 has innovative and improved drawing tools that gives a natural feel. It provides an enviable level of control and are combined with everything which is needed for storyboarding and animatics creation. Storyboard software combines drawing and animation tools with camera controls. Storyboard Pro 6  video tracks, movie import and superior textured vector brushes are just a few of the new features that let you do more in Storyboard Pro 6. Take creative control and make the right storyboard and animatic for every project that comes your way.

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Textured Vector Brushes

It offers styles with beautifully textured brush strokes. The bitmap has been redesigned to improve quality and match the flexibility of Toon Boom vector technology. It build up lines on paper, creates rough sketches and clean up drawings with a brush that feels like the real thing. It Iterates and experiment more with flexible vector toolset to capture the artistic look.


Create and explore more styles of drawings.

Easily select brush strokes and then move, scale, rotate, recolor and even reshape them.

Work more fluidly with flexible vector tools that support your creative process.

Centerline Editor

Storyboard Pro can move, scale, rotate and recolor vector brush strokes in. The new Centerline Editoreffortlessly reshape brush strokes on the go. It reclaims the similar artwork for other poses with a few small adjustments and quickly make the entire drawing process.

New Video Tracks and Movie Support

Storyboard Pro 6 comes with all the important features such as drawings, camera moves, images, sound and now video content. It develops storyboards and output animatics that outline the whole story without use of other software.

  • It uses video tracks to make better storyboards and animatics:
  • Import reference video and time actions and set key poses.
  • Add opening title sequences or movies of finished scenes to video tracks in your timeline.
  • Use video or images to trace characters and props, as the background across multiple panels or even as key elements in the scene.
  • Reduce the risk of error during the conform process by doing all your animatics editing, including the video content, in Storyboard Pro.

Stamp Tool

Stamp is a tool which can reuse walk, cycle through and stamp drawings like mouth shapes or create effects that follow a pattern. It allows new parameters to adjust angle, size, spacing and more. the Stamp tool makes it easier to create natural-looking patterned effects or reuse cycles in different scenes.

3D Models for 2D Scenes

It reduces difficulty and the time that it uses for 3D models for props and sets in 2D storyboards. Storyboard Pro 6 imports a 3D model, position it, take a snapshot and add it to a layer in scene. Take as many snapshots as you need without ever leaving Storyboard Pro.


Easily position the 3D model to get any angle you want.

Save time by staying in the Storyboard Pro environment.

Work with 3D models in Storyboard Pro without needing 3D experience or 3D software installed on your storyboard workstation.

Multi-Panel Templates

It can share multiple panels and scenes between various storyboards when collaborating or reusing scenes. It saves the panels in a single template in library and then drag the template into a storyboard. It can also create multiple templates to version a scene when it wants to creatively iterate and experiment to develop the story.

Merge Updated Drawings with no Impact on Timing

Storyboard Pro 6 collaborates by allowing artists to easily combine updated drawings from one version of a storyboard into another without changing the timing. It quickly makes the collaboration, especially between editors and artists during this critical stage of pre-production, as well as helps everyone working on a storyboard and animatic be more efficient.


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Storyboard Pro Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Feb 14, 2019

“A Requisite for Experienced Animators”

It is an advanced version software, which does wonders in animation. It is not for beginners though! It not only offers raster brushes and better color process but also varied animation tools. However, one cannot record or edit audio in the program.
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Storyboard Pro Presence in 3D Animation Software
Toon Boom Animation has been instrumental in unveiling its 3D animation products and solutions to its commercial clients. The company’s strategic intent lies in its organic and inorganic growth strategies. For instance, in 2016, Toon Boom acquired Tactic studio to enter production tracking, asset management, and review tool market space. The company also partnered with Guru Studio to develop several innovative custom modules for Harmony. This partnership extended the Toon Boom Animation customer base, extended the toolset of Harmony, and helped artists to push the envelope in animation quality even further. Moreover, the company sells its products in multiple ways through resellers and channel partners. For instance, in 2016, Toon Boom announced Maconcept as its authorized reseller for its products and services in Germany and Austria. This also led to be the first line of support for all the customers in Germany. In 2015, Scalar became the company’s authorized reseller for its products and services in Canada. Scalar actively promotes Toon Boom’s two-flagship products, Harmony and Story Board Pro.
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