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  • Bristol, United Kingdom
  • 2015

YELLOWDOG LIMITED in 3D Animation Software


Following features are offered by the YellowDog Platform:
  • Intelligent Distribution - The platform wisely distributes frames from a shot or scene to selected sources of computing power. It also provides overall perceptibility on render progress and budget consumption rate, which includes predictive analytics.
  • Yellowdog File Sync - It enables synching of files by simply uploading scene assets and downloading rendered frames, thereby transferring shots selected for rendering to and from the YellowDog platform. The same automation can be accomplished via a connector to a current render manager in the studio.
  • Central Asset Repository - It securely stores production assets in the cloud to avoid asset and shot upload delays in production.


The YellowDog Platform is capable enough to securely harness underutilized computer power from data centers and public cloud providers across  the world. This means that the amount of compute it has access to is almost limitless, unlike other companies that may be limited to a single data center or region. The platform helps enhance the CGI production delivery with its intelligent predictive scheduling and orchestration multi-cloud platform for rendering. It also allows to control critical production delivery rates and render budgets with dashboard analytics, render logs, and dedicated specialist support teams.

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