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ZINGFRONT INC in 3D Animation Software


Following features are provided by Live3D Software.
  • 3D Assets on Cloud – The software can stock 3D assets such as characters, animations, scenes, props, effects, and clothes on the cloud.
  • Unique and powerful features – It offers personalized settings and savings for free combinations by creators.
  • Real-time capturing and sync – Live3D software allows expressions in avatars, combined with facial and behavioral movements, and voice.
  • Show time on the fly – One can enjoy show time without limits of device or place with the help of a simple PC.
  • Multiple shoot-modes – A choice of different shoot-modes are available
  • Flexible post-production – The software helps a user powerfully edit and handle multiple clips and mini-stories to finalize the movie, along with real-time creation and preview.


Live3D is a software that allows users with a webcam to digitally personify characters. It is an open creation platform that anyone can use to create their own characters, backgrounds, or props, and import them into Live3D. It offers the first of its kind in the world ‘event-based storyline editing tool.’ This helps easily express one’s idea for even a complicated story just by dragging and dropping the mouse. Voice Style Transfer is one of the unique features of Zingfront, where one can imitate a famous celebrity's voice. This can be achieved by presenting a deep-voice model with a goal to convert someone's voice to a specific target voice. Recurrent neural network (RNN) is also implemented to achieve voice style transfer. The deep-voice model can produce audio directly from one’s voice, unlike traditional models for speech synthesis.

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