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AlignBooks USP

AlignBooks offer warehouse management tools for businesses that are dealing with manufacturing. AlignBooks accounting software has complete control over critical information through regular automatic backups and top-notch security. Industries that can use this software include retail chain, distribution, warehouses, service providers, consultants, and more. The software is specially designed to assist chartered accountants, tax experts, accounting authorities, and business entrepreneurs. Request AlignBooks Pricing to get more information.


Experience a wide range of online account management and business finances option with AlignBooks Accounting Software. Specially designed to assist chartered accountants, tax experts, accounting authorities, and business entrepreneurs, AlignBooks Accounting Software helps in managing incentives as well as tracking sales of each salesman in order to provide complete sales management. Seamlessly integrate payroll and deduct the TDS.

AlignBooks Pricing

The AlignBooks Pricing plans depends on the number of users as well as the type of domain the businesses are using. The plans are, 

  1. Offline Single User: ₹10,000/Annually
  2. Offline Multi-user: ₹25,000/Annually
  3. Offline Multi-user for Multi-location: ₹50,000/Annually
  4. Enterprise Subscription on Cloud: ₹1,00,000/Annually

During the renewal of older packages, the AlignBooks Pricing further adds up to,

  1. Basic Renewal: ₹2,000/Annually
  2. Premium Renewal: ₹4,000/Annually
  3. Ultima Renewal: ₹6,000/Annually
  4. Small and Micro Enterprise Renewal: ₹10,000/Annually

AlignBooks Demo

Users can ask for a complete demo of AlignBooks accounting software from the official website. A demo application form needs to be filled to schedule a demo with the software experts.


Asset Management
  1. Purchase assets via the purchase module. With the individual serial number, covert inventory to the asset section. 
  2. Updating the asset register after the hands-on position is assigned and keeps a complete record of the entire hand's movement. 
Discreet Production
  1. Define BOM for every finished product with the help of any by-product details. 
  2. Generate issue requests and issue RM to the production floor depending on the actual requirements of the production. 
Advanced HR and Payroll
  1. Define salary component, leave dependency, tax impact, and calculations of the dependent components in a hassle-free and flexible manner. 
  2. Configure applicability on every employee level and manage different kinds of leaves while the system tracks available leave balances. 
Intelligent Billing and Sales
  1. Generate invoices as well as manage work-flow easily starting from cost estimate to final payment. 
  2. Receive automatic reminders of outstanding bills and conduct bill-based ageing analysis to manage outstanding lump-sum and bill-to-bill payments. 


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  • +6
    Journal Entries
  • +13
    Payment Processing
  • +14
    Purchase Orders
  • +9
  • +8
    Tax Calculation
  • +13
  • +14
    Training & Education
  • +11
    Budgeting / Forecasting
  • +10
    Custom Reporting
  • +12
  • +6
    Integration APIs
  • +10
    Payment Integration
  • +12
    Inventory Pricing and Costing
  • +11
    Inventory Tracking / Ordering
  • +14
    Multi-Entity / Consolidation
  • +6
  • +5
    Revenue Optimization
  • +5
    Time Tracking
  • +12
    AP Automation
  • +10
    AR Automation
  • -8
    Audit Trail
  • -8
    Data Import and Export Tools
  • -9
    Invoice Customization
  • -11
  • -10
  • -7
    Check/W-2 Printing
  • -6
    Direct Deposit
  • -5
    File Exports
  • -14
    Income and Expenses
  • -13
    Track Cash Flow
  • -7
  • -6
  • -5
    Technical Services
  • -11
  • -9
    Financial Statements
  • -12
    Sales and Marketing
  • -6
    Centralized Inventory Database
  • -13
    Inventory Reporting

AlignBooks Reviews


Buyer, Transportation and Logistics, SME

May 20, 2020

“A complete business finance management software”

Affordable price with simple and easy-to-use features. New generation enable finances and accounting solutions for every business type, size, and business requirements.
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 20, 2020

“One-stop solution paired with the latest features”

No software or hardware dependency, GST generation and return filing, E-Way bills, and cloud-based accounting can be effortlessly accessed and carried out by anyone from the non-accountancy background.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the key features of AlignBooks?

Key features offered by this software are loan and advances management, multi-branch connectivity, HR&Payroll, Invoicing, Quotations and Estimates, Bills of Material, MIS Reporting, Web-base reporting.

Who are the typical users of AlignBooks?

This software is largely used by startups and third party agencies such as tax consultants and also freelancers uses it to support large enterprises. Also this software has large number of applications in big enterprises as it offers various types of integration.

Which operating system does AlignBooks support?

This software supports operating systems such as Web App and Windows OS. Mac OS is not supported by this software.

Which mobile platforms does this software support?

This software only support android mobile platform. It has a unique capability to serve its application on this huge platform.

What is the deployment type?

This software offer cloud-based deployment with enhance data security and is less time consuming to install and implement.

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