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Billing 360
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Billing 360 USP

With its automation and usefulness, Billing 360 accounting software reduces job burden. It allows company owners to remain focused on their core strengths while the programme handles the majority part of business. Billing 360 includes analytics for marketing information, advanced analytics, out-of-the-box results and features for ad hoc monitoring.

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As the platform is designed to increase customer efficiency and central focus, Billing 360 allows running the enterprise with absolute simplicity and efficacy.

Billing 360 Pricing

The details about the Billing 360 pricing plans are given on the company website. Users can request customized pricing if the requirements are complex. Here are three power-packed plans which the company has provided information on the website:

  1. Principal Package - ₹ 6,000 per user per month
  2. Prime Package - ₹ 9,000 per user per month
  3. Powerpact Package - ₹ 12,000 per user per month

Billing 360 Demo

Billing360 accounting software is a web-based invoice processing system that lets users to produce hassle-free invoices and provides payment alerts automatically. The free trial is not provided by the company but users can request on the basis of business requirements

Billing 360 Features

The features are divided on the basis of modules: Sales, Purchase and Quotation


  1. Create a purchase order, monitor the order of purchase in the database and begin selling. To help users handle time and billing processes with simplicity, this is one-stop GST invoicing software.
  2. Automatically build receipt distribution with Billing360. Help stop delay by producing a single multi-challan invoice entry.
  3. To manage the company accounts with simplicity and efficiency, get timely updates of the invoice.
  4. With client-wise rate feedback, create personalised sales orders. To align the sales order with the client data, display the rating history at any time.


  1. Create basic buying orders and handle them effectively for the benefit of payment. For swift payment processing, the buying orders are placed in the database.
  2. From the buy list option, handle numerous buying orders. To see the list of sales made on that same day, pick the correct date.
  3. At any moment, update or remove any purchasing order with quick edit/delete options.
  4. Simply pick the necessary purchasing order from the purchase list shown and easily change the number, date, code, cost or unit as needed.


  1. Build personalised quotes for the prospective customer and transform them quickly for the intent of payment. Only enter the information and let it be handled for users by the app.
  2. After accessing the quote number and deployment mode, pick a suitable date to save the potential client's calculation.
  3. The app allows the client to store multiple customer identities or business names for different quotes to be made. Once users have effectively generated estimation, they can display it in the Quotation List. It can be translated to PDF as well.
  4. With a single click, convert quotations to billing intention. The programme helps consumers after the consumer approves the calculation submitted for the particular product, to turn their calculations into simple billing.


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Billing 360
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  • +13
    Payment Processing
  • +14
    Purchase Orders
  • +9
  • +11
  • +10
  • +5
    File Exports
  • +14
    Income and Expenses
  • +8
    Tax Calculation
  • +13
  • +11
    Budgeting / Forecasting
  • +9
    Financial Statements
  • +12
    Inventory Pricing and Costing
  • +11
    Inventory Tracking / Ordering
  • +14
    Multi-Entity / Consolidation
  • +12
    AP Automation
  • +10
    AR Automation
  • +8
    Audit Trail
  • +8
    Data Import and Export Tools
  • +9
    Invoice Customization
  • +6
    Journal Entries
  • -7
    Check/W-2 Printing
  • -6
    Direct Deposit
  • -13
    Track Cash Flow
  • -7
  • -6
  • -5
    Technical Services
  • -14
    Training & Education
  • -10
    Custom Reporting
  • -12
  • -11
  • -6
    Integration APIs
  • -10
    Payment Integration
  • -12
    Sales and Marketing
  • -6
    Centralized Inventory Database
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