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Flexi Pricing & Demo

Flexi Overview

Flexi Accounting software can track computer activity and staff hours, making tracking hours, sick leave, and vacation time easier for HR and employees alike. Integrated with computer usage monitoring to look after quality legal compliance, security, and control, it is regarded as a smart choice by multiple businesses. 

Flexi Pricing

Flexi Pricing packages are available on the official website. The basic Flexi Pricing starts from $129.00 and is a one-time payment.

Flexi Demo

Before buying the software for long term use, users can go for a demo. Flexi offers a free trial and users can access it from the official website


Simplified multi-entity accounting

  • Deal with complex consolidation and report requirements whenever several companies, sectors or global entities are getting involved.
  • Simplify multi-entity accounting by simply streamlining the various processes using Flexi.  

Faster Financial Close

  • Provides the user with accounting software which is uniquely formatted to allow the continuous close process, even when the environment is really challenging
  • Stay ahead of time as most of the entire financial process is automated that also helps employees to receive payment on time. 

Accounting Automation

  • Turn time-consuming processes into an efficient workflow with automated accounting. 
  • Enhance every part of the business with Flexi work-flow automation software, making performance better and promoting collaboration between two different departments. 

Cloud Accounting Software

  • Deploy Flexi accounting software both on-premise and on cloud-based platforms
  • Benefit from cloud-based accounting as it provides better performance at a lower cost. 

Streamline Financial Reporting

  • Simplify multiple complex financial processes that accountants have to deal with on a daily basis.
  • Scrutinize every step of accounting processes to prevent any error from taking place due to miscalculations. 


Flexi USP

Flexi Accounting software is an excellent app for tracking total working hours and check-in timings of the staff and HR alike. It makes use of computer usage monitoring for better quality control, legal and security compliance, and makes viewing reports of employees much easier. The software enables businesses to create a flexible working environment, track employee working hours, and view employees’ reports, all under one header, making the software navigable and user-friendly. 

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Flexi Reviews

Chief Product Officer,Company Name Classified
Chief Product Officer, Company Name Classified
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“Amazing, Flexible, limitless"

Really helpful in solving complex problems related to accounting. Encourage creative design solutions. Convenient pricing options
Technical Director,Company Name Classified
Technical Director, Company Name Classified
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“Simple and easy to Navigate"

Software has a simple interface and users can easily navigate through it to get the work done.

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