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MProfit USP

MProfit accounting software is easy to use portfolio management & accounting software. MProfit is a favoured choice for brokers, dealers, large corporate, investment bankers and financial advisors for the investment sector. Information from mutual electronic contractual documents, mutual fund accounts, bank statements and F&O contract notes can be quickly downloaded.

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MProfit helps users to monitor the assets effortlessly through stocks, mutual funds, shares, F&O as well as other asset groups. Auto-import the details to MProfit, track the output of the portfolio and view informative reports. For multiple consumer classes, MProfit delivers distinct solutions. Ease-of-use, competitive pricing and exemplary customer service are what remain consistent across them.

MProfit Pricing

MProfit pricing plans are very dynamic and provide its users with plans for cloud as well as desktop version. The pricing is highly competitive and is based on number of portfolios companies want to manage. Here are some of the MProfit pricing plans:

  1. MProfit Free - Free Portfolio Tracker
  2. MProfit Investor+ - ₹ 3000 for 16 Portfolios/Year. Used by Retail Investors
  3. MProfit Pro - ₹ 5000 for 50 Portfolios/Year. Used by HNIs, Savvy Investors, F&O Traders and Family Offices
  4. MProfit Advisor - ₹ 7500 for 100 Portfolios/Year. Used by Financial Advisors, Stock Brokers & CAs

MProfit Demo

Free trial and training videos and documents are provided by the vendor. Specific demos are not provided but users can demand for demo if the numbers of portfolios are more.

MProfit Features

MProfit allows users to maintain multi-asset investment portfolios. Some of its features are as follows:

Manage and monitor multiple classes of assets

Manage the equity holdings, mutual shares, exchanged shares, securities, PMS, Unitholders, F&O and several other asset categories. For all investments and holdings, Track Absolute Benefit and Annualised Gain (XIRR)

Auto-import details

To get the data auto-imported to MProfit, send the data via mail. For Stocks & F&O, auto-import agreement details & several other back-office papers. Auto-import the CAS declaration of the PDF Mutual Fund from CAMS or NSDL. MProfit facilitates imports in different formats such as PDF, Excel, Javascript, CSV, TXT and DBFF.

Managing real-time Derivative contracts

Manage the positions in Stock, Currency & Product F&O. Export the notes and trade-book archives of the F&O electronic deal. For the F&O positions, build and hold mark-to-market information. Monitor the F&O Realized and Unrealized Profit / Loss

Updating and monitoring portfolios on-the-go  

The user interface of MProfit helps everyone to use MProfit on both Windows and Mac machines. The mobile apps for Android & iOS help them to monitor the investments on-the-go. As an option to MProfit Cloud, MProfit promises to produce the Windows Desktop software, depending on customer choice.


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"Please share a demo. especially interested in F&O module"
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    Data Import and Export Tools
  • +6
    Journal Entries
  • +13
    Payment Processing
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  • +5
    File Exports
  • +14
    Income and Expenses
  • +8
    Tax Calculation
  • +7
  • +13
  • +14
    Training & Education
  • +11
    Budgeting / Forecasting
  • +9
    Financial Statements
  • +6
    Centralized Inventory Database
  • +12
    Inventory Pricing and Costing
  • +11
    Inventory Tracking / Ordering
  • +13
    Lean Management
  • +14
    Multi-Entity / Consolidation
  • +6
  • +12
    AP Automation
  • +10
    AR Automation
  • -8
    Audit Trail
  • -9
    Invoice Customization
  • -14
    Purchase Orders
  • -9
  • -11
  • -7
    Check/W-2 Printing
  • -6
    Direct Deposit
  • -13
    Track Cash Flow
  • -6
  • -5
    Technical Services
  • -10
    Custom Reporting
  • -12
  • -11
  • -6
    Integration APIs
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    Payment Integration
  • -12
    Sales and Marketing
  • -13
    Inventory Reporting
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    Proposal Management
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