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Zoho Books is a pocket-friendly accounting software option that matches up with all types of business firms. Though the main highlight of the software is GST accounting, it comes along with many other features to make your accounting experience much simpler and understandable. Request Zoho Books Pricing to get more information.


Zoho Books Accounting Software is an online software for GST accounting developed for different business firms. The software is mainly into keeping the user GST complaint. Apart from this, it is highly helpful in other important areas such as managing finances, automating business workflows, and helping collective work across various departments of the company. The software offers users the platform for smart accounting. The software automates manual tasks like data entry and reconciliation. The mobile app of Zoho enables the user to be updated on accounting information at any place and anytime. Integration with multiple third-party tools enables businesses to share data among various departments. Zoho also offers access control, which helps to limit the access of users only to the information of his/her need.


The Zoho Books pricing depends on the number of users and the number of invoices to be generated. Here are some of the Pricing plans to choose from: 

  1. Standard – Rs. 2,499 per year
  2. Professional – Rs. 9,999 per year
  3. Premium – Rs. 19,999 per year


On the website of Zoho Books Accounting software, there are videos and pictorial illustrations to describe the features of the software. Also, there is a 14-day trial that the user can take before purchasing any of the plans. 


  1. Create invoices for GST much faster
  2. Get payments faster with online reminders and different payment options
  1. Create purchase orders to send and upload receipts of expense
  2. Track payments made regularly to maintain the budget
  1. Track inventory levels to replenish stocks at the right time
  2. Organize inventory through information such as stock on hand, cost, and SKU
  1. Feed bank data automatically and categorize transactions for easy understanding
  2. Handle payments through direct integration of the partner banks
  1. Manage different projects together and track expenses and unbilled hours
  2. Create invoices from the projects directly
  1. Manage contacts of suppliers and customers or collaborate with clients through the portal
  2. Store the payment details of the customers for recurring payments
  1. Custom your dashboard for a proper overview of your business
  2. Get custom reports with filtered data for higher insights


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Zoho Books
66 Buyers Negotiating
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  • +12
    AP Automation
  • +10
    AR Automation
  • +8
    Audit Trail
  • +8
    Data Import and Export Tools
  • +6
    Journal Entries
  • +13
    Payment Processing
  • +14
    Purchase Orders
  • +9
  • +10
  • +7
    Check/W-2 Printing
  • +14
    Income and Expenses
  • +8
    Tax Calculation
  • +7
  • +13
  • +5
    Technical Services
  • +14
    Training & Education
  • +11
    Budgeting / Forecasting
  • +10
    Custom Reporting
  • +12
  • +11
  • -6
    Centralized Inventory Database
  • -12
    Inventory Pricing and Costing
  • -11
    Inventory Tracking / Ordering
  • -13
    Lean Management
  • -14
    Multi-Entity / Consolidation
  • -14
    Proposal Management
  • -5
    Revenue Optimization
  • -5
    Time Tracking
  • -9
    Invoice Customization
  • -11
  • -6
    Direct Deposit
  • -5
    File Exports
  • -13
    Track Cash Flow
  • -6
  • -12
    Sales and Marketing
  • -13
    Inventory Reporting
  • -6

Zoho Books Reviews


Buyer, Power, SME

May 20, 2020

“Convenient and easy to go”

The software is available over the web as well as in the form of applications. With budget-friendly plans, it offers a comfortable accounting experience for your business. The software pricings are also very competitive.
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Buyer, Oil and Gas, Enterprise

May 20, 2020

“Diverse features under one platform”

Zoho Books is known to offer a wide range of services such as GST complaint, inventory management, banking, contact management, and others at one single point.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the key features of Zoho Books?

The key features of This software are as follows: Banking Integration, Customer Management, Expense Management, Inventory Management, Multi Location, Multiple Company accounts, Online document storage (back-up),Product Database, Supplier and Purchase Order Management, Recurring invoice, Taxation Management, Vendor Management, Invoice Designer, Accounts Receivable, Profit & Loss Statement, Billing & Invoicing and Project billing

Who are the typical users of Zoho accounting software?

This software has the following typical customers: Freelancer, Startups, SMEs

Which operating system does Zoho support?

This software is supported by Windows as well as Mac Operating systems. Users have flexibility to use it on either of the platforms.

Which mobile platforms does this software support?

This software is compatible with android as well as IOS mobile platforms.

What is the deployment type?

This software comes with only cloud-based deployment model and helps users to save time and cost.

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