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INTEL Movidius Neural Compute Stick in AI in Fintech Solutions

  • California, USA
  • 1968
  • $50BN to $100BN
Company Overview
Intel’s Movidius Neural Compute Stick is a device capable of deep learning, which can be used to learn AI programming.

Intel offers hardware as well as software solutions in the AI in Fintech market. Intel’s Movidius Neural Compute Stick, Intel Xeon Scalable Processor, and Xeon Phi Processor support high-performance computing applications in BFSI sector. Intel also offers software tools to build financial applications.

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“Extracting important insights"

Intel''s high performance and scalable machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies empower financial enterprises to extract insight from large volumes of data. This helps in combating cybercrime, optimizing IT environments, and servicing customers better.
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“Advent of Conversational Bots"

Intel offers IntelAgent, which make use of AI, power chatbots, and voice assistants within financial solutions to enhance customer service.
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INTEL Movidius Neural Compute Stick Presence in AI in Fintech Solutions
As AI is gaining prominence across the financial industry, and in order to strengthen its position in the AI in Fintech market, Intel is focusing on various strategies. For instance, acquisition can be seen as a major strategy that Intel has been following. In the last few years, the company acquired Nervana Systems, Movidius Inc, and Saffron Technology to enhance its AI portfolio, gain advantage of expertise and technology, as well as, increase its geographical market reach. Apart from the acquisitions, the company is heavily investing in deep learning solutions. Intel has been focused on acquiring the AI-based companies to strengthen its AI portfolio against its competitors. For instance, the company acquired Nervana Systems to sustain in competition with NVIDIA which specializes in the graphic processing unit. Additionally, Intel is focused on the advancement of the cognitive computing technology. Furthermore, the company joined the Partnership on AI Association (a technology association, aimed at establishing the best practices for AI), which would help Intel take advantage of the research and expertise of the association. The company aims at continuing to learn, grow, and expand in AI. Additionally, it would combine human insights and deductions with automation and analytics.
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