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VOYAGER Analytics in AI in Fintech Solutions

  • New York, US
  • 2012
Company Overview

Voyager Finance closes the credit assessment gap by providing all financial institutions including banks, insurance companies credit-card issuers with an AI-powered injection of social intelligence that complements existing scoring with the critical edition of “human pixel” insight. Some of the features are:

  • Increased revenue with reduced risk for approval & loan boundary recommendations
  • Fully automated assessment analysis
  • Real-time, actionable visibility into lifestyle behaviors & context
  • Scalability for single-person or batch queries

Voyager Labs has created the first real solution to this lending squeeze. They are leading artificial intelligence and cognitive learning company who is entirely focused on deriving valuable, actionable insights from the vast amounts of data in the social sphere. Voyager Finance brings lenders of all kinds a new and highly accurate social scoring layer, for enabling to evolve portfolio to a more profitable one.

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“Traditional Analytics"

Voyager Analytics offers in-depth analysis platform, which enabled our analysts to perform deep dive analysis on individuals, groups and topics in a totally anonymous environment. The platform facilitates investigators to derive actionable insights from the vast and growing ocean of publicly available unstructured data. It allows them to reveal insights concealed in big data, access hidden connections, and focus on the most relevant leads in investigations. 
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VOYAGER Analytics Presence in AI in Fintech Solutions
Voyager Labs has developed a pioneering technology based on AI, cognitive computing and deep learning. This technology enables businesses and the public sector to obtain real-time insights needed to understand individuals’ behaviors, interests and intent. The company's unparalleled ability to interpret the complex layers of unstructured data and understand billions of data points, ultimately empowers their customers to excel at what they do - Whether it be helping to keep communities safe, enabling more efficient processes at scale, or taking commerce to the next level.
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