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WALLETAI in AI in Fintech Solutions

  • California, US
  • 2012
Company Overview
Wallet.AI can monitor and learn users’ habits and needs, and then alert and coach users to alter their personal spending and saving behavior. AI can also provide oversight and tracking of employee actions to help with compliance, security, and monitoring. Wallet.ai analyzes millions of data points — bank transactions, payment transactions, location, app usage and more — to help consumers make better financial decisions and basically, overcome their bad habits. Wallet.ai can also be used to provide general business intelligence to businesses, to tell them how well they are doing with customers and even to analyze loan performance. Banks have asked the company to use its technology to find more mutually beneficial loan products for customers.

Wallet.ai keeps track of seemingly unimportant data—like where you eat, how you get around, and even your favorite shopping locations—and uses the data collected to offer suggestions on how you can save money.

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“Powered Business Insight Platform"

Wallet.AI builds intelligent engines that analyze millions of pieces of data to help make better financial decisions. 
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WALLETAI Presence in AI in Fintech Solutions
Founded in San Francisco in 2012, Wallet.AI builds intelligent engines that analyze millions of pieces of data to help you make better financial decisions.
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#4 Customer Behavioral Analytics / Credit Lending / Scoring
#5 Core Features / Money-Laundering Prevention


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