Adobe Character Animator Pricing & Demo

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Adobe Character Animator
California, USA
$5BN to $10BN
61 Buyers Negotiating

Adobe Character Animator USP

It is a dynamic animation software that helps in developing characters and films. With this software, the users can stream live on platforms and have live animation shows. The different features of this software are efficient and give a professional output to the viewers. Request Adobe Character Animator Pricing to get more information.


Character Animator is a motion capture and animation tool, it gives everyone an apt solution for intuitive character animation.  The software brings still image artwork from Photoshop or Illustrator to life by capturing the performance using a camera and microphone. This software reproduces facial expressions, synchronizes mouth movements to speech, and gives control over all the aspects of a character’s movement through the mouse, keyboard, and programmable behaviors.

Adobe Character Animator Pricing

The Adobe Character Animator Pricing ranges from ₹1353 to ₹3585 according to the requirement of the users. Below is the categorized Character Animator Pricing:

  1. Individuals - ₹3585 per month
  2. Teachers and Students - ₹2300 per month
  3. Teams -  ₹3585 per month

Character Animator Demo

It provides a free trial in which the users can discover and explore all the features of this product. It helps the user map their business needs. Video resources are also available to make the user acquainted with the software. 


  • Scene Cameras
    • Integrated scene camera used for capturing more views
    • Trigger between shots for dynamic performance and helps you set up specific shots like wide, close-up, zoom for a great scene
  • Keyframes
    • Operate to adjust for timing, motion, and also animate the behavior properties of the subject 
    • Customize the subject to add the effect of wind or gravity to add liveliness in animation
  • Sound and Movement
    • Helps you make scenes more impactful with audio replays, you can also sync audio and movement for a realistic animation
    • Integrate background score to your animation for creating an impact on the viewers
  • Motion Lines
    • Set your characters in motion with the help of motion lines, easy movement of the character and other elements with the help of motion lines feature
    • Integrated with the trailing effect motions for a better viewer experience


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Adobe Character Animator
61 Buyers Negotiating
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Adobe Character Animator Reviews


Buyer, Technology Consultant

May 20, 2020

“Interactive software to design characters”

Adobe CC has an exceptional motion capture system integrated right into the application which works through webcam. It becomes easy to record videos as well.
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Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

May 20, 2020

“Very Easy to Use”

The software offers an afforable price. This product is very easy to use and lets you develop and support new characters and frames. The facial animation features of this software are an added bonus.
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