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Moovly animation software is a video creator and editor software that comes with millions of media contents. Customers can use these media contents to create a video. The customization options of Moovly animation software make it very handy and effective. Users can create videos using this software even without installing it, just using a browser. Create video instantly by adding images, sounds using drag and drop, and other features. Request MOOVLY Pricing to get more information.


Moovly animation software is a video making and editing software that comes with rich features to make high-quality videos. The customization options of the website make it a very good video creator and editor. It offers unique options like creating animation by adding images and videos. Moovly animation software also provides a huge collection of templates, videos, and sounds that help to create videos faster.

Moovly Pricing 

There are many subscription plans for the Moovly pricing that offer different features. You can choose both the monthly and yearly plans for different sections. There is a free version that offers basic features and here is the rest of Moovly pricing for other plans given below. 

  1. Pro - $49/ month, $299/year
  2. Max - $99/ month, $599/ year 
  3. Enterprise - Custom pricing 

Moovly Demo 

Moovly animation software does not provide a demo for the software on their website, but customers can get free trials in some of the sections. There is an option available in different places of the website to test the feature, it might come handy. However, customers can contact the service providers to request a demo.


Video Creation 

  • Create high volume videos based on templates as required for the website or organization. 
  • Gain access to a huge collection of templates and pre-made video concepts to improve. 

Data-Based and Live Feed Videos

  • Create a series of videos using the database, get a new video every second separate from the previous one.
  • Gain access to all the data feeds of RSS, Twitter to automatically turn them into videos.

Collection and Customization

  • Create a video using more than 75 million video making content that helps to make it unique.
  • Customize videos whenever required with full control over the sounds, images, videos, and other parts.

User Friendly and browser-based 

  • Create video even without any experience with a huge collection of tools and contents.
  • Gain access to all of the content and make a video in a browser, without installing the software.


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