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MotionBuilder USP

One of the biggest USPs of MotionBuilder animation software is that it is based on the latest options such as real-time activities, 3D motions, and many others. Also, it is easy to use due to its simple interface and a wide range of tools to use to make your animation highly attractive. Request MotionBuilder Pricing to get more information.


MotionBuilder animation software is designed for the platform Linux individually and is a perfect one for those who wish to create complicated animations. Whether you are a director or an animator, MotionBuilder animation software can be the perfect tool for you if you are creating animations. Not just creating animations, MotionBuilder animation software is an absolute one for editing and playing back animations that are complex in nature. 

MotionBuilder Pricing

The MotionBuilder pricing is quite simple where there are just two options to choose from. You can choose any of the two options based on the time period for which you need the software and the pricing you are comfortable in. 

  • Motion Builder for one year - $1855. 
  • Motion Builder for three years - $5010. 

MotionBuilder Demo

When you are buying animation software, you need to know whether the features are great or not, and also you need to learn the working of the tools. MotionBuilder animation software offers a free trial of the software so that you can know more about the features and the tools. Also, it offers learning and support so that you can know how to use the software.


Real-time activities
  • Make use of the fastest tools in the market to create your animated videos. 
  • Create movements in your animations that will look absolutely realistic in nature. 

Motion Editing

  • Manipulate the motion data well with the tools provided in the software. 
  • Tune the movements of your characters in the best way with the software. 

Smooth Operations

  • Easily operate with many more 3D applications. 
  • Use FBX data exchange and software development package for better operations. 


  • Learn how to use the software for creating animations. 
  • Make use of the support system for troubleshooting purposes.



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