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TVPaint Animation
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TVPaint Animation USP

The diverse range of customization and personalization opportunities that TVPaint Animation software provides makes it a powerful tool in the hands of animators who like to rely on handmade paper-like drawings. The affordable upgrade tools and software bundles allow animators to create elaborate videos, designs, illustrations, and soundtracks very easily. The credibility of the TVPaint Animation software is tremendous, and the software is used by millions of people across the globe. Request TVPaint Animation Pricing to get more information.


TVPaint Animation software is an all-in-one and reliable 2D software which makes the use of bitmap technology. It allows for clever use of various animation techniques to create a comprehensive and well-thought-out project. Users can utilize the renowned Wacom tablets technology along with powerful tools to make excellent paper animation canvases. TV Paint Animation software allows users to create multiple canvases by using optimized tools and enriching systems.

TVPaint Animation Pricing

TVPaint Animation Pricing varies according to what the user wants. TVPaint Animation software provides different options available for both small and large businesses. There are two versions with different pricings-

  1. Standard Version- $591.5
  2. Professional Edition- $1478.5

There is also a shipping cost involved, which can go up to $23. The prices are flexible and can be customized according to requirements.

TVPaint Animation Demo

There are several demo videos and articles available which guides beginners through the different features of the TVPaint Animation software. There are upgrade bundles sold separately which contain extended features. These extended features will be convenient for someone looking to commit to animation production on a regular and long term basis.


Optimized paper animation tools

  • Use the Scan cleaner which deletes white pixels and only retains the drawing lines.
  • TV Paint Animation software enables you to create superior alignments with the Peg Holes Registration Mechanism.

Access a wide variety of colors and textures

  • Generate libraries of indexed colors and apply texture tracking techniques.
  • Use the paint bucket mechanism to introduce many layers in the drawing.

Use merging techniques to facilitate hand-drawn animations

  • Animate 2D effects on complex 3D sequences.
  • Make animated elements and characters interact with live-action sequences.

Soundtrack Management

  • Make sophisticated soundtracks to go along with the animations.
  • Use post-production and FX features to customize the work


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TVPaint Animation
81 Buyers Negotiating
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