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Hiretual USP

Hiretual specializes in the ATS through its fast and efficient AI-driven technology. The interoperability provides a boost to the views of the job as traffic is driven to these posts. It is also trusted by global brands. Hiretual pricing is economical and caters to the needs of various types of clients. Hiretual also provides a free version that can be used to access its working features. Request Hiretual Pricing to get more information.


Hiretual provides an AI-powered applicant tracking system that can be integrated over 30 sourcing platforms to analyze and find the right candidate for the recruiters. Due to its AI-driven smart approach and access to over 700 million+ profiles, recruiters face a 10× runtime speed provided with a dedicated customer support team from Hiretual. 

Hiretual Features

Hiretual ATS is powered by smart, automated systems and can drive 10× faster processes. Some of its features which makes it one of the best tracking systems are::

  • Usability of Platform. 
  • Recruit passive talent through candidate sourcing and identification. 

  • Job posting, interview scheduling, and application tracking can be done here.

  • Sourcing and matching. 
    • Social sourcing through postings on various platforms of shared sourcing platforms. 

  • Analyzing candidates’ talent and segregation of required skills through search
  • Platform features
  • Connects to different third-party platforms to provide interoperability.

  • Integrations with third-party ATS

  • Can be optimized in real-time for work completion. 

  • Data Management
    • Data can be accessed by multiple profiles of the team. 

    • Resume segregation based on predefined inputs.
      Real-time status of candidates available to them. 

Hiretual Pricing

Hiretual Pricing models come in three variants based on users’ requirements. Hitetual pricing starts from a free version, and its prices can be variable based on customization. The Hiretual Premium plan costs $89 per month. Hiretual Pro comes with a customizable option. 

Hiretual Demo

Hiretual provides a demo version of the premium plans. Users can fill in the form and get connected for a demo of the product. After this, the charges would be applicable for product usage. Users can look at Hiretual pricing to select a plan according to their requirements.


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Hiretual Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 08, 2020

“Easy candidates sourcing.”

With a large number of interlinked sourcing platforms, Hiretual helped gather a large number of applicants. Also, Hiretual’s pricing model is comparatively affordable and provides a good option for the user.
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Buyer, Ecommerce

May 08, 2020

“Incredibly fast and saves time.”

Hiretual has saved a lot of time and effort through its fast process and candidate selection. Very much satisfied with the product.
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