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IFP’s biggest USP is how flexible and comprehensive it can be, to be applicable to governments as well as small businesses. The depth and detailing of its reporting and analytical features are impressive, as it considers a variety of data pulled from several sources, in order to provide the most holistic solution possible. Request IFP Pricing to get more information.


IFP, or Integrated Financial Planning is a business planning software system used for the planning, analysis and consolidation of sales and profit and loss data from multiple sources. Used by several finance governments across the world, it provides real-time verified data that can be safely reported and used for public policy strategies. It can be used as a standalone system, or along with local sales and order processing software such as SAP. 

IFP Features

Below are some of IFP’s most useful features:
  • Combining and Analysing Data

    • IFP helps combine data from multiple related business and market sources, for a holistic approach
    • It also provides very fast data analysis and structures for further business growth.

  • Flexible Tools

    • IFP provides a number of flexible tools for data gathering and market surveys
    • They can also be used to import codes and actual/forecast data from both internal and external sources

  • Excellent Planning Features

    • IFP is widely used to help governments and planning agencies structure detailed plans and future strategies, with step-by-step calculations
    • It helps incorporate several business variables, and design flexible plans which adjust to business growth

  • Low maintenance and easy to use

    • Despite a large amount of information it downloads and uses regularly, IFP systems are low maintenance and do not require frequent updating
    • IFP systems can be integrated into a number of systems and can be used both as standalone software or in combination with other software.

IFP Pricing

IFP pricing plans start at approximately $2400 per year but can be used across several domains and business sizes. Not only can it be used for government planning and strategy, but it can also be scaled for fast-growing startups, as well as MNCs.

IFP Demo

Although most IFP providers do not provide free trials, they do provide extensive training and support in the installation and integration of IFP systems. This will also help business owners decide which IFP pricing plan is best for them.


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IFP Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 08, 2020

“Very reasonable price for such great detail”

IFP pricing plans are extremely reasonable for the number of features and extensive information it provides!
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James Smith

May 08, 2020

“Easy to integrate and use”

IFP was very easy to install and use, and seemed custom made for my business plans and models
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