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Yello USP

There are various USPs of the Yello software, including its user-friendliness and great customer support. The software allows users to manage the entire hiring process, from sourcing candidates to evaluating them to ultimately hiring them. Moreover, the app for the software is feasible and easy to use as well, removing all the paperwork and storing necessary information in one single place with ease. 

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Yello is an applicant tracking system that aims to simplify the process of recruitment for all kinds of start-ups, HR agencies, and small to big businesses. Various well-known and established brands have utilised the software. Yello helps recruiters organise all kinds of recruitments, from campus recruitments to Government recruitments. The software aids in accelerating the hiring process, from start to finish.

Yello Pricing 

The exact Yello Pricing is not available on the website. Although, its pricing is dependent majorly on the plans that the users opt for and the size of the start-up or agency or business. To get an idea of the Yello Pricing, users need to personalize it first via the website, after providing basic information about their company. The payment takes place on both, monthly and yearly basis. 

Yello Demo

Yello does have a demo version, which is free for all users. Users can request a demo version via the Yello website, on the condition of providing the necessary information.

Yello Features

Yello contains various profitable features that recruiters can make use of to enhance the efficiency levels of their tasks.

  • Source Candidates 
    • Provides effective and simple tools for searching for potential candidates
    • Reduces the time spent in analysing through the applications
  • Schedule Interviews 
    • Allows easy, immediate and automated scheduling of interviews
    • Provides the facility of live and pre-recorded video interviews 
    • Allows for conducting panel interviews and recording them
  • Management and Recruitment Events
    • Manages efficiently all steps required in the hiring process
    • Aids in organising recruitment events to cultivate the brand
    • Engages a bigger and more proficient audience for recruitments
  • Evaluation and Reports
    • Provides recruiters with the evaluation of candidates and their applications
    • Shares analytics and reports to give an insight into the performance of the recruiting process



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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

May 08, 2020

“Great Customer Service”

Yello software not only allows its users to communicate with employees and candidates, but it also provides quick and efficient solutions to all the problems of its users.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 08, 2020

“Impressive Data Management”

Yello software makes the recruitment process incredibly efficient and simpler. Yello pricing models are affordable and all data can be taken care of on a single platform.
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62 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal”
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