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Legacy applications used by some organizations rely on older technology but run processes that are critical for business. These applications are large and cannot be modified easily. Asysco helps businesses undertake legacy transformation, thus extending the value of legacy investments by migrating to new technologies. Often, such migrations lead to further optimization and innovation. Asysco provides a comprehensive portfolio of services that aid clients in further innovation within the migrated environment.

Asysco offers various services:

  • environment site surveys
  • optimization services
  • web-enabling services
  • database normalization services
  • cloud services & support
  • post-migration consulting


  • +8
    Proven succes both direct and with SIs
  • +8
  • +11
    Fully cloud centric
  • +10
    Our solution portfolio is already so comprehensive that there is little need to do more M&A
  • +9
    Its not the size of the investment that is important but the effectiveness of it. Despite being smaller on average, we still have a market leading solution portfolio that is the most differentiating in the industry and soon accelerating away from the competition.
  • +8
    Unlike the big SIs, Asysco spends its entire R&D budget on innovating its application modernisation technology
  • +7
    Asysco is constantly adding new solutions to its portfolio. Soon Asysco will cover every source and every to technology which will give it th emost comprehensive solution suite available today.
  • +8
    The company has experience technology solutions and expertise in delivering high quality transformation and modernization across industries.
  • +7
    It helps in reducing costs with increasing flexibility and facilitation across business integration and innovation.
  • +6
    Legacy transformation and legacy modernization allows to retain the value of your critical business applications while enabling innovation and growth.
  • +5
    The company enhances customer’s ability by innovating with their requirements .The company has active participation with integrators.
  • +14
    The integrated development environments deliver comprehensive facilities to computer programmers. They are precisely designed to maximize programmer productivity by providing a friendly user-interface and a single program in which all the development is done
  • +13
    Asysco provides environments site surveys , optimization services , web enabling services, database normalization services cloud services, post migration consulting and support 24*7.
  • +12
    The company continues in enhancing cutomer experience by enhancement of convertors , migration process and technology to drive down project complexity and customer impacts.
  • +11
    The company’s works closely with system integrators , implementation partners , technology partners to deliver innovative solutions.A customer specific native solution instead of emulation software providing mainframe functionality
  • +10
    There is full support of deployment options whether traditional or Cloud (private, public or hybrid) using low cost, commodity infrastructures instead of high cost specialized technologies.
  • +9
    The company focuses on improved development, testing and acceptance productivity by using integrated, modern software lifecycle frameworks for migration technology.
  • +5
    R&D Spend
  • +11
    Application Migration
  • +9
    Application Re-hosting
  • -5
    PowerBuilder modernization to n-tier browser-based app!
  • -9
  • -12
    Software secuirty issues
  • -11
    High cost maintenance
  • -12
    Application Integration
  • -8
    Application Portfolio Assessment
  • -13
    UI Modernization
  • -12
  • -7
    Clientele Base and Testimonials
  • -6
    Open Source Migration
  • -13
    Analytics Capabilities
  • -6
    Application remediation
  • -11
    Support Services
  • -9
    No. of New Service Upgradations 1 to 2

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Sep 23, 2019

“Legacy Systems Transformation”

Asysco firmly believes in transforming legacy into value by reusing functionality and knowledge integrated in legacy systems while being able to modernize and innovate at the same time.
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ASYSCO Presence in Application Modernization Services
Asysco continuously invests in the enhancement of converters, migration process and methodology, and target delivery platform to drive down the project complexities and customer impacts, as well as, for setting up the customers for the future and allowing them to adapt to innovation and business changes according to the business demands. The company continues to enhance the customer’s ability to innovate in line with their requirements. Asysco has an active partnering model with integrators. Asysco’s partners are able to take Asysco’s migrated system and help companies innovate. This partner model is said to be the key to accelerate the company’s growth. Asysco has completed migration and transformation projects for over 60 customers in almost every major industry. Asysco works closely together with system integrators, implementation partners, and technology partners to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions. The company’s partner ecosystem comprises top vendors, such as Accenture, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, and Microsoft.
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