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ACCENTURE in Application Modernization Services

  • Dublin, Ireland
  • 1989
  • $50BN to $100BN
BFSI, Retail, Healthcare and Life Sciences, IT and Telecom
Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America
Company Overview

Accenture offers Application Modernization and Optimization services in order to help users reduce the costs and impact of an aging workforce. It is capable of extending the usability of legacy applications at lower costs compared to those of complete replacement. Its solutions can also rapidly turn around systems that are not performing. Accenture also has the capacity to migrate custom solutions that are written in older languages or hosted on vintage platforms to more sustainable solutions.


Accenture provides Application Modernization and Optimization (AMO) services to help businesses minimize unnecessary operating costs and reduce capital expenditure in order to create value for the organization. Their specialists help clients answer questions pertaining to whether to renew, enhance, consolidate, replace, retire, or rebuild applications showcased in their portfolio. With Accenture, companies are able to derive the most value from existing applications and can also decrease costs and risks over the short, medium, and long terms.

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    Agile Legacy Systems
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  • Product Maturity / Service Offerings / Application Re-hostin...
    Low Risk
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    Innovative Solutions
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  • Product Maturity / Service Offerings / Application Migration
    Improved Customer Service
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    Support & Maintenance
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    End to End Solutions
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  • Analytics Capabilities
  • Application Integration
  • Application Migration
  • Application Portfolio Assessment
  • Application Re-hosting
  • Application Re-Platforming
  • No. of New Service Upgradations 2 to 5
  • Application remediation
  • Application re-write
  • Scalablity
  • No Weaknesses


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“Data Migration"

Accenture offers enterprises its Migration Planning Information Repository (eMPIR) tool, which offers a single point of data access, migration execution command & control, real-time planning; tracking, and a clear migration work plan.
Global Head - Service and Product Development,Company Name Classified
Global Head - Service and Product Development, Company Name Classified

“Analytical Capabilities"

I’ve been impressed with the analytical capabilities and quality of work on the engineering end. It helps us to get the most value from their existing applications over the long term as well as helped us to reduce certain costs and risks
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ACCENTURE Presence in Application Modernization Services
Accenture is one of the prominent IT service providers. It provides important components of legacy application modernization services that include digital services, security services, and cloud services. The company focuses on its organic growth to enhance and innovate its offerings, which can be realized from its expenditure toward R&D. Accenture has exhibited the capability to invent, develop, and deliver disruptive innovations for its clients, and scale them faster. As a part of the organic growth strategy, it has open a new Liquid Application Studio in California, US, to reinforce its digital businesses. This Liquid Application Studio aims at accelerating the application development and delivering modernization and migration services to its clients. The company has been expanding its global footprint by launching new delivery centers. For instance, in November 2016, it opened a new technology delivery center in Budapest, Hungary. The company focuses on inorganic growth through partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions strategy. For instance, in August 2017, Accenture acquired VERAX, a Canada-based technology and consulting firm. This acquisition enhanced its financial service offerings in Canada. Furthermore, Accenture acquired Genfour, a UK-based automation service provider. Accenture is seen to be making significant investments in its mergers and acquisitions strategy to create a differentiation and maintain its competitiveness.
#1 Functionalities / Application re-write
#2 Service Offerings / Support Services
#3 Functionalities / Analytics Capabilities
#4 Functionalities / Application remediation
#5 Functionalities / Scalablity


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