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Atos uses next-generation application management methodology injected with design thinking, agile and DevOps, automation and application management – independent of whether it is for a cloud or on-premise environment.Atos Application Transformation Services delivers unparalleled experience and knowledge to transform applications, equipping enterprises’ IT for digitalization and enabling new market opportunities to be capitalized, faster. Request ATOS Pricing to get more information.


Atos supports through the digital transformation of organization, processes and infrastructures to boost agility, service quality and control over running costs. Some of the features are:
• Migrate legacy to open platforms
• Reduce licensing costs
• Simplify IT
• Consolidate applications
• Improve maintainability


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  • +8
    The company provides wide variety of services in application modernization . It provides end to end services to modernize legacy application in all the verticals.
  • +7
    Atos strength is in designing the Liber software suite to open way to rapid and controlled modernization. Liber facilitates the re-platforming of legacy applications for open standards, replacing proprietary infrastructure technologies and transposing code into a more current language as required.
  • +6
    Atos has developed a specific re-platforming methodology using Liber solutions which helps reduce the service gap.
  • +5
    Atos provides structured approach for application modernization .The transformation consultants use formal evaluation tools to prioritize and plan cloud migration for both applications and infrastructure.
  • +14
    Atos delivers unparalleled experience and knowledge to transform applications, equipping enterprises for IT digitalization and enabling new market opportunities to be capitalized faster.
  • +13
    The company provides application portfolio assessment , application re-hosting, application re-platforming , application migration , application integration and UI modernization.
  • +12
    Atos is focused on business technology that powers progress and helps organizations to create their future.
  • +11
    The solution offered by ATOS empowers users in microservices and move legacy applications to a cloud model and also manages them.
  • +10
    Atos application modernization services maximizes the client value proposition by offering full range of service capabilities and reduces business risks with legacy application modernization.
  • +9
    Atos delivers end-to-end modernization projects in complete security. Application portfolio can become a source of opportunities and inspiration for business innovation for various industries.
  • +12
    Application Integration
  • +11
    Application Migration
  • +8
    Application Portfolio Assessment
  • +9
    Application Re-hosting
  • +10
    Application Re-Platforming
  • +9
    No. of New Service Upgradations 1 to 2
  • +6
    Application remediation
  • +14
    Application re-write
  • +5
  • +11
    Support Services
  • -14
    Not Scalable
  • -13
    Lack of flexibility and adaptability
  • -10
    PowerBuilder modernization to n-tier browser-based app!
  • -7
    Proven succes both direct and with SIs
  • -5
  • -5
    Fully cloud centric
  • -8
    Product Differentiation and Impact on Customer Value
  • -13
    Analytics Capabilities
  • -7
    Focus on Product Innovation
  • -6
    Open Source Migration
  • -7
    Data Protection
  • -7
    Clientele Base and Testimonials
  • -5
    R&D Spend
  • -10
    No. of New Service Upgradations 2 to 5
  • -11
    No. of New Service Upgradations 5 to 7
  • -8
    Non-invasive Integration
  • -12
    No. of new service upgradations- More than 7

ATOS Reviews


Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

Feb 14, 2019

“Innovative Solutions”

The firm offering is committed to reducing client technical debt with innovative solutions. The goal is to move client solutions out of the mainframe and into cloud services, to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Overall, it’s been a great experience.
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ATOS Presence in Application Modernization Services
Atos is known for its digital transformation service excellence. In 2016, the company formed a roadmap for 2019 ambition. To accomplish its 2019 ambition, the company has strengthened its technological capabilities and is expanding its client base across the world. It is also expanding its partnership with the technology leaders, such as Siemens, Dell EMC, Cisco, and Oracle to strengthen its solutions and services, and promote its innovation in the ecosystem. For instance, in 2016, Atos and Siemens increased the funding of their joint innovation investment program by investing approximately USD 84–242 million. The company focuses on the inorganic strategy to expand its reach and scope in its journey of digital transformation. For instance, Atos partnered with OutSystems, a Portugal-based company that offers the platform for low-code application development to help its clients modernize the legacy applications and ramp up the digitization of their businesses 10 times faster. The company is also making its strong presence in the North American region. For this, it acquired Xerox ITO, an Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) business of Xerox, Unify software, and a provider of software-based enterprise unified communications and solutions. It also acquired Anthelio Healthcare Solutions, a provider of healthcare technology solutions. It has also opened its first business technology and innovation center in Dallas, US. This new facility is aimed to promote innovation and offers its state-of-the-art services to the North American customers.
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