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BLU AGE in Application Modernization Services

BLU AGE Overview

Blu Age solution uniqueness comes from its capability to deliver added business & cloud value as well as control on project duration and engage on transformation cost per lines of source code (fixed price). Blu Age brings agility and time to market: - Slice and decompose monolithic application into independent components: agility resides in low coupling between vertical domains: cartography - Allow business process recomposition: microservices (REST) exposed via gateways combined with events (files and queueing) - Increase maintainability and ease of operations: (1) impact analysis is under control: vertical isolation allows simple regression testing and (2) repeatability and traceability: CI / CT / CD cycles automation and confidence - Horizontally scalable components: leveraging cloud services and elasticity Blu Age is a cost savings catalyst both at build and run: - Solve technical debt then leverage cloud infrastructure - Get rid of mainframe cost then decrease application maintenance and evolution cost Blu Age is the only solution to compromise legacy HR issue and adopt at the same time a modern architecture.


Blu Age is a technology that automates the transformation of legacy business applications into full digital applications leveraging the latest technological standard. Blu Age automatically and completely regenerate the application in the most advance cloud-native digital architecture with appropriate programming languages, patterns and toolchain ecosystem. Blu Age solution introduces key elements for success, it delivers benefits, process, tools, and options for business enhancement as well as it leverages the cloud ecosystem and it allows to build real value propositions. Blu Age is allowing: - Application re-write and change of technology (.NET or Java as a target) - Horizontal scalablity and cloud robustness - Application remediation with the same easiness, risk and cost as a simple replatforming - Data modernization and migration at the same time the source code is transformed - Non-invasive integration as there is no legacy emulator deployed at runtime

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  • Product Maturity
    PowerBuilder modernization to n-tier browser-based app!
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  • Product Maturity / Product Differentiation and Impact on Cus...
    Blu Age modernized 80+ successful projects and 350+ MLOC gaining 70%+ infratructure cost and oprations, improving maintainance cost by 30%
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  • Product Maturity / Functionalities / Data Protection
    Blu Age tooling is available either on client's premise or from public client's cloud accounts in order that the data never goes out.
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  • Company Maturity / Effectiveness of Organic Growth Strategy ...
    Our yearly investment represents 26% of our application transformation revenue (more than USD 3.5M annual)
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  • Product Maturity / Functionalities / Scalablity
    Revalue your legacy for the cost of a simple transformation
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  • Product Maturity / Service Offerings / Application Integrati...
    Break you monolithic application into a set of functions
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  • Product Maturity / Service Offerings / Application Migration
    Migrate Your Legacy To A Modern Architecture
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  • Analytics Capabilities
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  • No. of New Service Upgradations 5 to 7
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  • Application Re-hosting
  • Application Re-Platforming
  • Scalablity
  • More than 20
  • Application Migration
  • Application remediation
  • Data Protection
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  • Focus on Product Innovation
  • Mainframe Modernization & Migration
  • Product Differentiation and Impact on Customer Value
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